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I honestly can’t believe it’s been one year since the start of my blog. It seems like yesterday I was writing my 1st blog post and wondering where it would be a year from now. So much has changed; my blog has helped me grow in both my personal and professional life and I now… Continue reading’s 1st Birthday!

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The Worst 3 Minute Makeup Challenge You’ll Ever See!

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Today I decided to give the three minute makeup challenge a go after seeing it everywhere on the internet. Being all cocky prior to filming this I figured it would be really easy. OH how wrong I was! This may well be the worst three minute makeup challenge you will ever see! Enjoy!

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The British Tag

Today I decided to film The British Tag. I’ve seen this tag floating around the internet for a while now and decided to give it a go as I LOVE watching them! I tag anyone who reads this! Do it on your blog, YouTube channel or even just write you answers in the comments below! Make sure to let me know when you do!! I love reading/watching people’s answers to this!

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