How To Help A Friend Through A Family Bereavement

Losing a loved one is never easy. When those sad moments do befall us, the support of friends and family can make a world of difference. So if your friend has lost someone that they hold dear, you must fulfil your responsibilities by being ready to help. There are various things that you can do… Continue reading How To Help A Friend Through A Family Bereavement

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4 Things You Must Do To Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful

You’ve just got engaged, congratulations! Once you’ve told all of your nearest and dearest and celebrated the occasion, you’ll probably start to wonder about your wedding. Your wedding will be one of the most important events in your life. So when it comes to planning it, it’s crucial that you get it right. After all, you only get one wedding.

While wedding planning can be incredibly exciting, it can also be extremely stressful. With so much that needs organising, it can be hard to know where to start. To make the process a little easier and less stressful, I thought that I would share four things that you have to do. (Take note of this advice, and you can make sure that planning your wedding is as enjoyable as possible.)

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  1. First things first, buy a wedding planner

    I don’t mean hire a wedding planner – these are extremely expensive, I mean invest in a wedding planning book. The key to wedding planning success is having a good wedding planner to rely on. These little books really are amazing, no bride should be without one. 

    All the best designs come with pages for writing notes on, month by month checklists, and a simple guide to wedding planning. Aim to pick a book that offers you all the structure that you need to ensure that your wedding goes perfectly to plan.

  1. Use wedding planning websites 

    Take it from me, when you’re planning a wedding, wedding planning websites are a godsend. All the best ones, like The Knot and WeddingBee, have lots of fantastic tips articles. From advice for choosing invitations to guides to picking the perfect dress, these wedding sites are fantastic.It’s one thing knowing what needs to be done when, it’s completely another knowing how to go about it. Thanks to your wedding planning book you might know when you need to send out save-the-dates, but you might not know how to choose the ideal design. That’s where wedding planning websites, like The Wedding Planner, come in handy.

  1. Don’t go down the DIY route

    DIY weddings can be absolutely beautiful. But if you want planning your wedding to be as free of stress as possible, a DIY wedding isn’t for you. If you opt to make everything yourself, from your food to your invitations, you’ll be putting yourself under a whole lot of stress.While it might save you money, if you want a wedding that’s free of stress, going down the DIY route is not a good idea. For example, while you could make your own invitations, this would be time-consuming and fiddly. However, you could buy some of these beautiful modern wedding invitations by Paper Themes, and save yourself time and stress.


  1. Pick your venue before anything else 

    Many couples make the mistake of setting a date before choosing a venue and make things difficult for themselves. It’s much easier and less stressful to select a place before setting a date. So that you don’t have to worry about if it’s available on your chosen date. This will reduce some of the stress that comes with planning your wedding, as finding the perfect venue is one of the most difficult parts.

Want to make your wedding planning less stressful? Take note of the tips above, and you can do.

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5 Things You Should Do After You Get Married

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What happens after the happiest day of your life? A brand new chapter begins, filled with excitement and wonder. One day, you’ll look back, and you’ll think you were a whole different person before you were married. After the big day, there are a few things that I recommend you do and start to think about. Remember, ahead of you lies and brand new set of experiences. Continue reading “5 Things You Should Do After You Get Married”

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5 Honeymoon Destinations To Suit Your Personality.

Honeymoons have been around since 1546 and is a wonderful time to celebrate the start of your marriage with the one you love. It a time where you and your partner can stay somewhere beautiful and give each other your full attention without all the annoying distractions life at home throws your way. The difficult… Continue reading 5 Honeymoon Destinations To Suit Your Personality.

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Handmade with ♥: Father’s Day Card

Within my family, Father’s day cards or any greeting cards for that matter are always comedic ones. However, when I was searching through endless cards on a recent shopping trip, they were all either sloppy and slushy or the jokes were really predicatable. After extreme frustration I decided to just make one myself. I know… Continue reading Handmade with ♥: Father’s Day Card