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Let’s Chat: Blogging & Motivation

I’ve been blogging for nearly a year and a half now. Where the bloody hell has time gone?!? I’ve never been the most consistent of bloggers. Some months I’m fully in love with this little space on the internet and my little fingers can’t type out posts fast enough. Other times, I fall out of… Continue reading Let’s Chat: Blogging & Motivation

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Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

We all have goals we want to reach, good habits we want to create and bad habits we want to break and thanks to B.F Skinner we know that positive reinforcement on behaviours is great at getting us to repeat behaviours. Basically, when we do something we’re proud of, we should reward ourselves. Now, how we… Continue reading Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

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Bedside Table Must Haves!

Bedside tables are one of the most basic things in people’s room. There’s always a wardrobe or dresser, a bed and at least one bedside table. And considering the majority of time you spend in bed is spent drifting away in the land of nod, it’s surprising how many things we feel are essentials to keep… Continue reading Bedside Table Must Haves!


Dull Looking Skin? Try These 3 Ways To Boost Your Natural Glow

Image by Flickr There could be a number of reasons why your skin isn’t looking it’s absolute best. Maybe you’ve had a few late nights. Or perhaps you’ve not been eating the right kind of food lately. We all want soft, clear and glowing skin that fills us with confidence. But when you have a… Continue reading Dull Looking Skin? Try These 3 Ways To Boost Your Natural Glow