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Tortoiseshell Nail Art Tutorial

Textures are taking the nail industry by storm at the moment. Opals, jade stones, marbles, cow print (yes, cow print) and of course, tortoiseshell. And I have to admit.. I’m obsessed with it and so are my clients. So I thought I’d experiment with creating this look and film it all in the process. Products… Continue reading Tortoiseshell Nail Art Tutorial


Minimal Coverage, Maximum Impact Makeup

When I’m not looking for a full face of makeup but still want to look as flawless as possible, there’s a handful of products I love to reach for. I’m always on the look out for products that offer amazing results while looking as natural as possible. All of these products are sheer coverage but… Continue reading Minimal Coverage, Maximum Impact Makeup

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I honestly can’t believe it’s been one year since the start of my blog. It seems like yesterday I was writing my 1st blog post and wondering where it would be a year from now. So much has changed; my blog has helped me grow in both my personal and professional life and I now… Continue reading’s 1st Birthday!


How to Do Your Makeup Like Gigi Hadid!

Gigi Hadid is one of the biggest names out there right now. It isn’t hard to see why either; she’s an amazing supermodel, dating Zayn Malik, and she always looks flawless! The thing I’ve noticed about Gigi is that she never looks too done up, but she always looks gorgeous. That’s why I thought I’d write out some makeup tips that should help you to emulate her look. Enjoy!

Illuminating Primer
Gigi always looks like she’s glowing, at least a little bit. This is down to her illuminating primer! She definitely uses something shimmery underneath her foundation to brighten her skin and make her glow. Primer holds the makeup on for longer too, so if you don’t currently use it, then you should!

Use a Dewy Foundation
A dewy foundation will cover your imperfections without making you look like you’ve caked anything on. You’ll still have a slight sheen, and some of them will allow your natural skin to show through a little. If you need more coverage, the best thing you can do is apply lightly all over and then add a little more to blemish prone areas with a sponge. Make sure you blend it perfectly too!


Cat Eye or Soft Browns
When it comes to your eyes, you should either go for a classic cat eye or soft brown shadows. Gigi never goes OTT with her eye makeup. You could even go for some gold colours for a special occasion. Dot a shimmery shadow in the inner corner of your eyes to open them up! You can find lots of palettes that contain the colours you need, like a Z palette. Using a Z palette isn’t hard!

Peach blusher
Gigi always wears peachy blusher, as her complexion is quite warm. If yours is different, you might want to go for a slightly different blusher. She only wears a hint, so make sure you don’t get brush happy!

A Subtle Golden Glow
If you’re going for more of a bronzed look, then use bronzer to create a subtle golden glow. You can also use a nice golden highlighter on the tops of your cheeks, down your nose and in the arch of your brow.

Nude Liner and Gloss
Gigi doesn’t usually wear a dark lip. Her lips always look smooth and kissable, but subtle. For this, I’d use a nude liner to outline after applying a gloss. Then I’d use my finger to smudge the line slightly, so it doesn’t look too harsh. You can even exfoliate them beforehand, so they’re nice and smooth.

Lightly Fill in Brows and Tame
Gigi has naturally full brows, so they don’t ever look drawn on. This means if you fill your brows in, you need to make it subtle. You should also use a brow mascara to tame the brows afterwards, directing the hair upwards.

Hopefully, these tips help you to create a healthy glow and a look you can wear day or night. Gigi’s look is so versatile! Leave your thoughts on her look below. Bye for now!

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Beauty Tips That Will Save You So Much Time


Being a woman is hard work. Not only do we want to succeed in everything we do, but we’re also expected to look flawless all day long. Sometimes, however, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to spend primping and preening yourself. We can’t all spend time in the morning contouring to make ourselves look immaculate. If you are looking for ways to help you save time with your beauty regime, then look no further. Here are some of my top tips. Continue reading “Beauty Tips That Will Save You So Much Time”

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My Highlight and Contour Routine

Untitled design

A little while ago I wrote a blog post about my favourite highlight and contour products and it ended up being one of my most popular posts. So today I decided to film a video showing you all how I like to use all these products to shape my face. I used a mixture of both cream products and powder products to create this look, so there will be something suitable for all skin types. Hope you guys enjoy! Continue reading “My Highlight and Contour Routine”

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Eyebrow Routine

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‘Eyebrows on fleek’ or ‘instagram brows’ are terms I’m sure many of us have heard repeatedly in the last year or so. What is it that’s suddenly caused us to all obsess over our eyebrows? I don’t know. But what I do know is since this eyebrow pandemic, both highend and drugstore products have been dishing out all the latest products to help us get our fix. Here’s some of the products I’ve been recently loving and how I use them to help get my eyebrows on fleek! Continue reading “Eyebrow Routine”

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Drugstore Starter Kit

Drugstore starter kitSo, I was recently talking to my friend about makeup (obviously, since it’s all I talk about..) and she said being someone who doesn’t wear or know much about makeup that she never knows what to buy and feels overwhelmed when shopping for makeup. So I decided it may be helpful to make a video of cheap drugstore makeup that I would recommend to either complete beginners to makeup or just someone who wants to try out some new products but doesn’t know where to start! Enjoy! Continue reading “Drugstore Starter Kit”