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Get the Figure You Want with These No-Nonsense Techniques


Try as we might, most women aren’t going to stop caring about their figure anytime soon. I know I spend a lot of time thinking about mine! We all worry about whether we’re too fat, too thin, too wobbly or even too muscly. No one can tell you what you should be happy with, but they can help you achieve what you want. Even if you’re comfortable in your skin, it doesn’t mean you can’t be happier if you change. If you’re still after your ideal figure, whatever that is, I have some recommendations for the best way to find it.

Find the Perfect Weight
Women can worry about their weight a lot, whether they think they’re too skinny or too large. If you’re unhappy with yours, you can change it. The key thing to remember is that you should go about it in a healthy way. Combining a healthy diet with exercise is the best way to feel fit and healthy. You might have a target weight or a clothes size that you want to fit into. Whether you’re losing weight or trying to gain it, you should decide whether you want to weigh yourself. It might seem odd not to, but many women prefer to judge their figure by how they look and feel, not what the numbers say.

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