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Tortoiseshell Nail Art Tutorial

Textures are taking the nail industry by storm at the moment. Opals, jade stones, marbles, cow print (yes, cow print) and of course, tortoiseshell. And I have to admit.. I’m obsessed with it and so are my clients.

So I thought I’d experiment with creating this look and film it all in the process.

Products Used

The Gel Bottle

  • Bellwort
  • Chocolate
  • Jet Black
  • Icelandic Summer
  • 2-in-1 Base Coat
  • Extreme Shine Top Coat

Light Elegance

  • Gel Polish Brush
  • Oval Bling Brush
  • Tack
  • VitaPrime
  • Natural Fibre
  • 1 Step
  • Easy Breezy Colour Gel

Ink London

  • Carbide Safety Bit – T3 Coarse
  • Diamond Cuticle Flame – D13

I hope you all enjoyed the video and start creating your own tortoiseshell nails!

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