Dream Wedding Inspiration: The Typical Teenage Dream For The Big Day

Many little girls growing up dream about their wedding day. Whether it is playing with their toys and marrying them off, right down to playing dress up. We all have our different thoughts, but the main theme remains the same. A big white wedding. Of course, the reality may be slightly different. Especially when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life. But for now, a girl can dream. Which is what I wanted to do today. I thought it would be great to look at the typical teenage dream for a wedding. Who knows, it may be my reality one day.

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The big dress

A typical image of a wedding dress tends to be something flamboyant, girly and bridal. Which is how many brides want to feel, am I right? When you dream of the perfect dress, it’s layers of luxurious material. Lace or tulle flowing. A long church veil and the big train. A big wedding dress that is fitted at the waist and then poufs out. The feeling you must get when trying it on must be immense. I imagine them to be heavy but feeling glamorous all the same. It has to be white. The big white wedding dress. The reality is that there are so many styles that one dream dress for one person is not the same for others. You may want a fitted fishtail dress with layers of lace, or you may want a silky grecian style for a wedding in the sun. Whatever your dream may be, the dress needs to be right for you. Apparently, you know when you have the right dress on, I hope that is the case.

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The fairytale venue

Dreaming of a wedding can go one of two ways I think. These days people do step away from tradition. You may imagine a big beautiful church. With stained glass windows and flowers everywhere. Or you may take it one step further and dream of the real fairytale, that being a castle. For a lot of people what is amazing is that these days you can get married in many different locations. So if the dream is on top of a skyscraper building that is probably possible. If it is the castle there are far too many to choose from; then there are simple some stunning traditional churches around. The fairy tale again exudes glamour and sophistication. The reality could be somewhat different. The average wedding can cost over twenty thousand euros. Which is a lot of money that is for sure. Which means that some people actually get married for a fraction of that amount but still have the fairytale. I wonder what my fairytale venue may be?

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The little luxurious details

It’s all in the detail. That’s what some people say, isn’t it? But I think a wedding has a lot to do with detail. From personalised laser cut wedding invitations right through to thoughtful favours. All laid out on your tables. Even the place settings and table plans need thought. I imagine the dream is lots of white and lace. Something less traditional like beautiful candle centerpieces, with elaborate silver details. Maybe even tall candelabras. I imagine favours to be something well thought out, that each guest will love and adore. The dream is elaborate and has a luxury feel and look. But the reality could be different. The thing about wedding planning is, or perhaps what I assume, is that those little details will be lost on the day. All your friends and family have come together to enjoy a celebration of your love. That’s what it’s all about.

The handsome groom

The teenage dream of the groom is your very own prince charming. He will be handsome, he will be sweet. The reality is that no matter who he is, he will be my prince charming. They will be our worlds.

deam wedding 4Sourced

Stunning flowers

Does your dream wedding involve florals everywhere? I think that tends to be the way the dream works. A fairytale wedding surrounded by flowers. It has to be white roses. White roses everywhere. Perhaps with a subtle pink tone thrown in. I love the rose gold, pink and marble effect so perhaps that may flow through to wedding planning when the time comes.

deam wedding 5.jpgSourced

The red carpet feel

Finally, I think no teenage dream of a wedding would be complete without you having that red carpet feel. All eyes you and a chance to feel like the star of the show for a whole day. Who doesn’t want that?

I hope my teenage dream interpretation of a wedding has inspired you in some way for your future wedding. Maybe you share the same thoughts and aspirations.

Lots of Love

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