Fun & Interesting Ways To Celebrate Your Bestie’s Promotion At Work!

Your best friend has just rung you to tell you that she’s finally got that promotion she’s been working her socks off for. And so, naturally, you want to find a way to say congratulations that’s a bit more exciting than giving her a card and going out for a few drinks. You’re over the moon for her and want to show her how proud you are of her, the question is, what’s the best way to go about it?

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Leave her to celebrate her news tonight with her partner or family and plan some celebrations for a few days time. Tell her you can’t wait to celebrate with her and ask when she’s free, then once you know, you can get planning. To give you some cute and quirky ideas, I thought I’d share a few suggestions for celebrating your friend’s promotion, that I love.

Get her a card and a present

Obviously, a card and present is a must. Instead of just getting her the generic ‘congratulations’ card, see if you can find something unique. Perhaps you could order a custom-made card that mentions that actual role she’s been promoted to? Or maybe you could pick a design that’s 3D or unique in some way? It is a special occasion, after all!

For her gift, get creative. Find her a gift that she will not only love and will be able to use, but also something that’s cute and different. A piece of unique jewellery could be ideal, a new bag she’s been wanting, or maybe something for her home? Whatever gift type you want to get for her, make sure to pick something that you know she’ll love and appreciate. If you’re stuck for ideas, there are lots of unique gift ideas for her online. So take the time to have a browse and shop around.

Pick up a bottle of champagne and a ‘congratulations’ balloon

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There’s no better way to congratulate someone than with a bottle of bubbly and a balloon. Balloons aren’t just for kid’s parties you know, they’re a great way to show your friend how proud of her you are. Plus, they come in lots of fun and quirky designs, so you’ll have plenty of choice of what style to opt for.

As for the bubbly, perhaps you could look for champagne with a difference. There’s not just one type of champagne; there are all sorts of flavours and styles. From sweet and fruity elderflower champagne to pink champagne, there are lots of flavours to choose from. Perhaps you’ve seen a champagne that you know your friend would love? Champagne and celebrations go hand in hand, so toasting your bestie with some bubbly is a must.

Do something spontaneous

Instead of planning a meal out or a bar crawl, do something spontaneous to celebrate. How about planning to do something the two of you have always talked about, such as a skydive or maybe trying out skiing for the first time? If you’ve always dreamed of having a spa weekend away, for example, now could be the perfect time to do it. Think about what the two of you have always wanted to do together and plan something spontaneous!

So there you have it, lots of fun and interesting ways to help your bestie celebrate her promotion.

Lots of Love
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