How To Use Light And Shade In Your Home To Create The Effect You Want

Every good home deserves stylish decor and the personal touches of its owner. But there is something else that every home needs even more. Light is essential in the home. It may come from the humble LED bulb, or it may come streaming through your large sized french doors. However you get the light into your home, you can control it, colour it, and shade it to create the look you want.

Start with the natural light that falls into the room from windows and glass-paned doors. South facing rooms will appear brighter, lighter and warmer than north-facing rooms. And the quality of light an east facing room receives will be markedly different to the one in the west. Knowing how this natural light affects your room is an important step toward knowing how to use it. You can then control it to create the lighting effects you’re after.

Room lights 1.pngPic from Flickr.com

Any south facing room will need blinds or shutters to reduce the glare and the heat coming in through the window. The choice of blind, curtain or shutter will affect the quality, harshness and even colour of the light coming in. You can choose Roller Blinds to change the colour quality of the light. Lemons, duck egg blues, and deep purples will each bring a different effect. This may influence your choice of furniture, carpet and wall colour too. As you colour the light in the room, this will influence the appearance of the colour of everything else.

This means you can warm neutral coloured rooms up with more vivid colour roller blinds. White furniture will suddenly burst into colourful life as the sun shines. Similar to the effect of a stained glass window, standard roller blinds will offer a very soft, shaded or muted hue. Blackout blinds will not achieve this but instead, reduce the amount of light that comes in. It will also force the brightest areas down toward the floor.

Venetian blinds can angle the brightest light up or down. You may be interested in creating the striped effect that they are most famous for. Or you may be looking to deflect the light toward the white ceiling, creating a softer, reflected look to the light. These can be the best blinds for creating strong or soft shaded areas in your room. They can also keep the worst of the heat and glare out of the room too.

Room lights 2.pngFlickr.com provided the pic

When you’re using artificial light to create effects, you may err toward candle or fire light. But light from an LED bulb can also be used to great effect. They can come in various colours or even change colour. The setting of the bulb can also create effects. Chandeliers will offer a richer array of lights than wall lights, for example.

You can also use table lamps and standard lamps to throw soft hues around the room. Use them to highlight interesting features like a piece of furniture or some wall art. Or you may use them to warm the colour of a darker shaded wall.

How will you use light in your room today?

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