Style Your Home The Easy Way With This Ultimate Guide To Home Design

Your home is probably the biggest asset you have. No matter whether you own it or you rent it a big chunk of your money goes on living there each month. So it’s only natural for us to want to have the best looking home we can. But many of us are not blessed with the skills of amazing creativity or having a good eye for home design. That is until now.

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Styling your home is a lot easier than we all think. It’s about putting a stamp of your personality on the place. It’s working out the functionality of your home and making it work for you. It doesn’t have to be a scary prospect and home styling, and design can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Know your budget and what you have available and stick to your guns. Hunt out the bargains and dig through the thrift shops. So without further ado here is the ultimate guide to home design and styling your home.

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Work out what you want from each room of your home

It is very easy for you to move into your house or apartment and treat each room just like the previous owner or tenant did. But aside from the bathroom and kitchen which have obvious functionalities. Your home can be whatever you want it to be. It is down to how you want to use it. So the best thing you can do from the start is workout what you want from your home and how each room can work for you. Perhaps you need a big home office; then you could sacrifice one of the bigger bedrooms to accommodate. Maybe you need a playroom for children, or want their bedroom to be downstairs. Then you can make that happen. A great little tip would be to draw up floor plans for each room and work out where you want things to go. It will help when it comes to furnishing and decorating.

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Think about key pieces of furniture

Once you know what each function of the room will be, you can now start furnishing them. This means adding the furniture you may have and purchasing some new things to. Buying furniture can often be seen as no go area. Especially if you aren’t blessed with DIY skills and you have to put it all together. Aside from the instructions you get you can use things like Henkel PUR Glue, which is a strong adhesive to help bond wooden pieces together. Key pieces of furniture can often be the focal point of a room, the bed in a bedroom, a desk in an office. They all have a purpose, and mostly they tend to be larger pieces. So try and workout your sizes in advance of purchasing items. The last thing you want is to order a big bed and it not fit in the room you want it to go in.

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Work out the colors you want

While the color choices for decoration are very much a personal thing, you also need to consider how they will match and flow with one another. The last thing you want is something that will clash and could end up being more headache probing than a relaxing environment. Again it is about thinking about what you want from each room. If you want a particular place, like your bedroom, to be relaxing then consider more pastel shades of the colors than anything too bright. If you want something to engage with you or be more vibrant, then a brighter color choice might be on the cards. Also, try and be aware of trends and color choices, they can go in and out of fashion quite quickly. It will always be advisable to stick with something timeless or something that you truly love. Rather than just following a trend because you want to. The last thing you want is to get bored with your decor choice too quickly and have to spend money all over again starting from scratch.

Think about feature walls

A feature wall can be the perfect choice for adding some personality to your room, with very little creativity involved. However, it will look fantastic that you will just have to take the credit for it anyway. A feature wall can be anything, but the main thing would be to be the place where your eye is drawn to the most. Some people use one wall and add a brighter color or something more contrasting to the other colors in the room. You could also consider wallpapering one of the walls in a different print or something very edgy. Another consideration would be to create a photographic memory wall. This is where you pick out lot’s of frames, either the same style and size or all different. You will then add your favorite pictures to them and position them on the wall in whichever way you desire. It can be a real effective way of decoration without being too much.

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Don’t forget the soft furnishings and personal touches

Soft furnishing, cushions and blankets will always make your home feel more inviting. But, the way you position them and style them is what you have to think about most. We all love a scatter cushion on your bed, so think about they way you position them. The same can be said for any living spaces you have. Your home needs to be like a home, as obvious as it sounds. So don’t forget the personal touches that make it unique to you. This could be artifacts you have brought home from vacations. It could be pictures in frames. Whatever would indicate that your home is yours then display it with pride.

Clutter is not your friend

Finally, don’t forget that clutter around your home is not your friend. Consider checking out Marie Kondo’s website for information about decluttering your spaces and lives. It can be life changing. Try and have a place for things that add up. Like letter or magazines. It’s always easier to relax in a tidy home than have a messy mind brought on by your environment.

I hope this guide will help you with your home design and styling.

Lots of Love

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