Top Tips For Fitting Out A Luxury Bathroom

Bathrooms don’t last forever. After all, they suffer the effects of steam and cleaning fluids every single day. Wear and tear happen quite quickly in the bathroom. When the mildew and grout discoloration can no longer be contained, it’s time to invest in something fresh and new. If you’re about to change your bathroom, why not consider fitting it out with a few luxury items? The bathroom isn’t just used for staying clean. We also spend a lot of time relaxing here too.

A luxury bathroom should be that one place in the house where you can really get away from it all. Relaxing in the tub is one of the country’s favourite ways to wind down after a tough day. Of course, you don’t just have to lay there with nothing to do! Add some bubble jets to your tub and let them massage your achy limbs and hydrate your skin.

You could also install a bathroom TV screen. This will allow you to hook into your favourite tunes, favourite TV shows or even a movie while you soak. You can add bathroom speakers. And changeable lighting systems help you to totally immerse yourself in the experience. Lighting effects are well known to soothe and relax us. When you next upgrade your bathroom, consider the kinds of lighting you could use. And if you opt for LED lights, they will cost you almost nothing to enjoy.

For the ultimate luxury experience in a bathroom, consider installing extra features. Have a look at websites like the Aquarius Hygiene online shop for some ideas. If you haven’t had a full bathroom suite before, it may be worth considering adding those little extras for your comfort and convenience. After all, we want to feel pampered and fresh when we come out of the bathroom.

bathroom update 1.pngThis image was sourced from Flickr.com

Fitted furniture in the bathroom is ideal for a busy family. It provides all the storage you need for your favourite bathroom products. You can even store towels or have a foldable shelf for your clothes. Best of all, it means you can have a clutter free look for your bathroom. If everything has its home, you won’t need to keep bottles and toothbrushes on the window sill anymore! Some cabinetry includes the soft close technology. This is ideal when you have early morning users or those who get in there quite late at night.

When it comes to bathroom flooring, you can always have the luxury. Some houses don’t have the struts in the upstairs bathroom to support the weight of luxury floor tiling. Fortunately, there are some beautiful vinyl coverings out there. They look incredible and will provide the aesthetic appeal of tiling. Why not add some LED spots into the skirting board? They can create the subtle lighting you need at night, or enhance the mood for your long soak.

A luxury bathroom not only looks impeccable but it leaves you feeling incredible every time you use it. And what better motivation for cleaning the bathroom can you ask for? Love your beautiful new bathroom.

Lots of Love

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