6 Elements For A Killer Wedding

Everybody wants their wedding to be special. But few achieve what they really want. Often that’s because they’ve cut corners where they shouldn’t have. Or it’s because they simply haven’t done enough planning to bring the whole event together.

But the truth is that weddings are rather simple, formulaic affairs. There are only a few key elements that need to be brought together in order to pull off a killer wedding. Here they are.

The Dress

Wedding dresses are often beautiful. But a truly perfect dress is stunning. Most weddings dresses are, of course, white. But you don’t necessarily have to go with this colour if you don’t want to. In fact, some of the most exciting weddings have the bride wearing pink or even black.

What’s important when it comes to the dress is the fit. You want it to hug your body perfectly in a way that shows off your figure.

The Transport

No wedding transport would be complete without a limousine. The limousine is like a showpiece that demarks the VIPs from the regular guests. That’s why it’s so important to have one at your wedding. You want to make sure that everybody knows that the day is about you and your relationship with the groom. It’s about a celebration of your love and importance in the world, and not about getting free champagne.

Elements for a Killer wedding

The Location

Think for a moment to the place that you find to be the most beautiful in the world. Is it inside a hotel chain lobby? I doubt it. Is it inside a church? Possibly, though unlikely. No – your favourite location is probably somewhere outdoors, maybe overlooking the sea.

Elements for a Killer wedding

You probably know where this is going. You don’t have to choose an expensive location to have a great wedding day. In fact, your favourite location is probably free. So why not choose that as a wedding location instead? It’s likely to be more visually stunning than any regular venue. And there is no reason why you can’t find somewhere else to hold the reception afterwards.

The Entertainment

Too many weddings have sub par entertainment. They have bad DJs, and worse still, annoying magicians.

Great entertainment means great music and the married couple getting involved. At the best weddings, the married couple themselves do a bit of the entertainment. Perhaps they’ve learned a few dance moves they want to show the world.

The Ring

Nothing is more evocative of permanence than a gold and diamond ring. And the bigger the ring, the better. The band itself should either be made from gold or rubidium. And the stone should be at least ¼ carat. Of course, the price rises quickly as the carats increase, but who can put a price on beauty?

The Company

The most important element of any wedding is, in fact, the people that you invite. You want to create a joyous atmosphere among people who love you. It’s these people who will create the event, far more so than any dress or any ring.

Choose carefully who you invite. They’ll determine the atmosphere and how your day is remembered.

Lots of Love

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