Nifty Bathroom Idea’s That Could Transform A Small Space

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A bathroom can be a very well used room of any home. Whether big or small it is a functional space that needs to work for you and whoever else uses it. Which is why the bathroom can get so frustrating when it isn’t designed right. Sometimes people have small bathrooms; this might be in smaller houses or apartments. So it’s essential to be clever with your design to make sure this space remains useable and functional. So I thought I would share with you some nifty ideas to transform a small bathroom space.


Use mirrors

Using mirrors in any rooms is a great way to make it appear bigger. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of this design tip in a small bathroom? A mirror can reflect the light and bounce it round the room, making the bathroom appear lighter and more spacious. You could consider a mirrored wall or just a few mirrors placed strategically around the bathroom. You won’t believe the difference it will make.

Think about your storage

Storage is key to making more use of a smaller space and room. The last thing you want is too much stuff cluttering up a window sill or shelves in your bathroom. There are few options that you could consider. You might want to include a cupboard underneath your sink, although this may take up valuable space so make sure you measure it first. Or you could also consider a wall mounted cupboard or unit. Hiding all the clutter will leave your bathroom looking clean and tidy and deceptively bigger.

Utilise your shower space

If your bathroom feels tight then why not think about just having a shower unit instead of a bath. If that suits your needs and family. You could even add a shower panel which will make the shower look designed and modern. If that isn’t possible and you need a bath, you could still use a shower panel and opt for a smaller bath to create more floor space.

Don’t use bright colours

When decorating your bathroom try and use light and airy colours rather than a dark or bright choice. Something bright and dark will only close the space in, no matter how much you love the colour. A white or [pastel shade of colour will make the room appear larger. Light also makes a room feel big so make sure you utilise your windows and colour co-ordinate any accessories to match.

Think about your lighting

Finally, think about your lighting. The chances are your small bathroom may not have a big window that lets too much light in, so be clever with your choice for the main light. Spot lights or a light fitting that fits the ceiling would be a good choice rather than something that hangs down. You don’t want a large light fitting taking up valuable space and closing your bathroom in. Spot lights are very bright which will light up your bathroom and give it the feeling of being larger than it is.

I hope these ideas help you transform a small bathroom. While these have been aimed at smaller rooms, they will work just as well for larger bathrooms.

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