Why I Love Online Shopping And You Should Too!

Now, before you all start commenting, how much you love a traditional shopping trip with the girls, hear me out. There are some fantastic things about online shopping that you just can’t get from a normal shopping center.

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Firstly you don’t have to walk round and round for ages, lugging all those purchases with you. Online stores deliver straight to your door. Many offer next day delivery. So, if you just have to have that cheeky outfit for the works do tomorrow night you can! Some sites, even offer a limited service for same day delivery. Just buy online and a very nice man turns up at your house later in the day with your parcel!

Online shopping is such a great thing because it means you don’t have to set aside a whole day just for shopping. It also saves your energy and your feet, which is no small boon. Ok, it’s nice to stop for a coffee and watch the world go by. But why not just pop out for one when you’re done online?

The second advantage of shopping online is the selection available. Have you ever gone into a store, only to find the perfect outfit, and then to have your hopes shattered, because they don’t have it in your size? This happens a lot less online, because many website search features allow you to look for things in your size that they have in stock.  

Also, there are so many different online stores available now. Most big brands have great online stores and some more independent lines also use the web to sell their products.

Great shopping websites are so useful as they bring together collections of items that would be hard to access. Think Etsy here. All those handmade and vintage goodies available in one place. You can search specific items and locations that they deliver too. You can also find out a bit about the person that makes your item and read reviews so you know the item and service are top notch. Plus you get to support independent makers and entrepreneurs.

The look and feel of a web store can affect your shopping experience in positive and negative ways. Simple stylish colour themes, with a visual display of the options available are they way forward here. Take Gallany Cosmetics’ new website. Clean lines and accessible product information, make for a relaxing shopping experience. Compare that to a traditional makeup store. I’m taking hardly any room and you have to paint samples on the back of your hand, while the assistant glares at your because she wants to be on her lunch break! I know which one I’d prefer!

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Another key advantage of shopping online is cost. It is so easy now to compare prices of products on online, so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal. There are also many offers available where you can get discounts for your first order. Customer reward points or free delivery.

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