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Six Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Dinner Party

So you’re expecting some company. If you’ve never entertained guests before, a few nerves are to be expected. We tend to care what condition our home is in a lot more when we’re preparing it for other people. So stop fretting, we’re going to look at six tips you can use to make your home guest ready.

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Clearing clutter

There’s nothing quite so mortifying as noticing just how messy your house might be when the guest does arrive. A certain level of clutter is no problem if we’re the only ones to notice it. You don’t want your guests having to step over things, after all. As for the rooms that they will be using, you should be giving them a bit of a deeper clean. You also want to make sure the bathroom’s free of stains or any unpleasant drain odors. If you don’t have a lot of time, just shuffle off the clutter out of the places they’ll be going.

The guest room

If you have a guest room, it needs to be well and truly free of mess, dust or stains. As for the layout of the room itself, think of it as a hotel room. They’re going to need the bed, obviously. You can keep beds clean and free of contaminants, dead skin or mites. Do your research and get things like mattress toppers explained. Besides the bed, they will need some storage as well as a bedside table to make their stay more comfortable. As for the décor, it’s best to keep things simple and clean. Nice whites and creams make for an inviting bed in any house.

The bathroom

As already mentioned, it’s important that a bathroom be cleaned from top to bottom. You might be okay with the occasional spot of light uncleanliness in your own home. When you’re in someone else’s however, it can be severely off-putting. You also want to keep it stocked for your guests. This means preparing things like hand-wash, soaps, toothpaste and fresh towels. Consider putting out a new toothbrush for your guest as well. You can even fill the bathroom cabinet with painkillers, in case your guest has a headache through their stay.

The outside

Clearing up your garden is as important as the inside, particularly if you’re having them over in the summer or with lots of company. The garden is a great place for congregating in parties, after all. During the summer, it can also be a fantastic place to dine for the evening. You don’t necessarily need to have it blooming with all new colors by the time they arrive. Making it look less dilapidated will do. Just mow the lawn and tackle any overgrown plants. Nice and neat is enough.

The little touches

A lot of little touches around the home can make it feel all the more inviting. It will also make your guests think a lot more highly of how considerate you are to them. It could be simple things like spraying light fragrances around the house or putting out fresh flowers. It could be setting a slightly fancier dinner table than you usually do. Could even be having a bottle of your guest’s favorite wine ready to share in the evening. Consider what little touches might warm your guest’s heart. It will make it a much more pleasant stay for them.

The food

When setting up dinner, it’s usually best to not go overboard with the odd flavors. Of course, if you know your guest well, you might well know what kind of food they like. But preparing food for your guests is about more preferences. Make sure you know well ahead of time if they have any allergies or intolerances. Making them feel welcome is the most important part of it. If they’re vegan, that means you should be eating vegan with them. Same if they have any dietary restrictions. Plus it’s less work than preparing two meals anyway.

Being a great host means going the extra mile for your guests. It means keeping things neater for them so they feel more comfortable in a new bed. It also means taking precautions to prepare everything they need. It also means paying attention and learning any needs they have ahead of time, particularly with their diet. Think of it as running a hotel experience for one person. Remember that you can never be too considerate with your guests. Even if it means going overboard. It’s better to go too far than not far enough.

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