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Could You Host Your Own Wedding Reception At Home?

Most of us are looking for ways to save money in many parts of our lives. But when it comes to our wedding, we tend to look toward an extravagant event at an exclusive venue with hundreds of people. However, not everyone can afford a wedding that costs tens of thousands of pounds. Instead, some people are looking to more intimate weddings with just a few beloved guests. But would you really be prepared to host your own wedding reception at home?arrowThe idea of a small wedding for many people is something that caters for fewer than fifty people. There are more and more weddings that bring fewer than twenty people together. This means the wedding event can be much more special, and it can cost less too. Having only the people with you that you love can make your wedding day a much-treasured occasion. It can help you prevent overspending. Best of all, you’re not likely to forget the names of anyone in your wedding photos!

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Hosting a reception at home means you can all be comfortable together. Catering is likely to be your biggest concern. But hosting the wedding dinner yourself means you can enjoy the sophistication of a sit-down meal. And you won’t suffer the extortionate cost per head. You can choose the dishes and the wine. And you won’t have to pay corkage for that special bottle your Dad has tucked away.

Traditional wedding decor is traditionally white. You can find high-quality table linen and table napkins from Richard Haworth or other specialists online. This can save you a lot of time and hassle leading up to your wedding. Add a table runner that matches the accent colour from your wedding dress. They’re not too expensive and it can be a lovely way to theme your wedding from beginning to end.

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You can choose to hire glassware or borrow from friends and family to make up the numbers. And if you are shopping for your champagne and dinner wine, it can be cheaper to buy in bulk to take advantage of any volume discounts. Planning a wedding can be quite stressful. And hosting the reception yourself may put a little extra pressure on you. But with a little help, you can make sure all the dishes are ready for when you arrive back home. Why not hire a private caterer or chef to make things super easy?

Decorating a small venue like your home is much easier than preparing the decor for an entire hall. You can hire chair covers, and use throws over your sofas to make them appear more part of the theme. If there are a few more people in your than usual, try moving the TV out to one of the bedrooms for the day. Why not prepare a small gazebo on your patio so you can enjoy the First Dance? A few outdoor fairy lights can make the whole garden romantic.

A wedding reception at home can be perfect for those looking for a small, intimate celebration. It can be less stress and less cost too. Congratulations on your beautiful day.

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