Want To Make Your Home A Little Friendlier To Guests? Here’s How

Hopefully, you love your home. Hopefully, it’s already that perfect little slice of heaven for you to return to and spend your time relaxing. That might not be enough, however. When you take potential guests and visitors into account, you need to start thinking of it as something else. You need to think of how it accommodates them. Preparing your house for guests means thinking a little differently and here’s what you need to consider.

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Make it appealing

We all have our own style. There’s no taking that away from you. It’s your home and you should be able to live with whatever kind of aesthetic you like. However, there are a few places in the home you should make sure can accommodate your guests. Your bathroom and kitchen, for example, should be places anyone can comfortably use. If you’re setting up a guest room, it’s a good idea to keep its style simple and clean. You want it to look gorgeous and inviting from the outside, too. Insider tips for awesome curb appeal include cleaning and edging your driveway so it has a neat, organised look. Make sure you replace dead flowers and dead sections of lawn, too. You don’t want a dilapidated garden proving an embarrassment.

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Make it accommodating

It’s not just about décor, but also about making sure that things are functional for the guests. Having clean towels ready for the bathroom and fixing any kinks in the taps or plumbing. Your guests aren’t about to go rooting through your home for towels, so that’s key. Make sure you have a place you can actually entertain them as well. In the summer, a great patio set up can be perfect place to enjoy some company. Indoors, keep your living room cosy in terms of furniture arrangement. Tie it all up with a coffee table that you can all sit around. Avoid keeping things too spaced out so your guests are on the other side of the room from you.

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Make it tidy

By all accounts, making your house tidy has to be the most important thing for a guest. No-one feels comfortable in a place that’s unfinished, messy or dirty. Don’t let them stay in rooms that still need a lot of DIY done to them. Visible cracks, unpainted walls and the like are not going to make anyone feel welcome. Clutter can also make a guest’s stay a lot less enjoyable. It’s easy to feel awkward if you have to step over something every three footsteps. You don’t necessarily have to give the whole place a spring clean, but at least make sure you hit the rooms they’ll be using.
It’s your home, but you want guests to enjoy their time there. That means that you want them to find their surroundings as appealing as you do. To not spot any glaring faults or get caught up in its untidiness. It means making them comfortable and happy to stay by accommodating them, not ignoring their needs.

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