The Ultimate DIY Room for Creative Kids

What does it mean to give your children the best? And how do you do it? These are the questions people ask themselves during every stage of their child’s development. How can I provide the best education for my children? How can I best keep them encouraged and full of spirit?

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This article is not going to have all the answers to so many questions. But one thing we will be focussing on here is your child’s bedroom. At the end of the day, the bedroom could be more of a key to all of those questions than you might assume at first. Think about it: to you, your bedroom is possibly the most important part of your entire house. It’s your space. But think back to when you were a kid. The bedroom meant so much more than yours might mean to you now. It’s where a lot of learning, playing and growing up occurs. Yet we seem to underestimate the bedroom’s importance to a child’s development.

One of the things that it’s important to keep nurturing is your child’s innate creativity. I’m going to assume that not everyone you know is creative – in fact, you may not know that many truly creative people at all. But when you were a child, most of – if not all – of your friends were creative to some degree. Creativity is important to a child’s development, so it’s important to keep fostering it.

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So, with creativity and the importance of the bedroom in mind, where do we go? Simple: we look at crafting an amazing bedroom for creative children. And emphasis on the term crafting! There’s going to be a lot of affordable DIY afoot. Have a look through this guide and see if you feel inspired to craft a bedroom with your child.
The desk

One of the most important things a child should have is a desk. Obviously, we’re not talking about some massive, professional, mahogany desk, here. Just something that will help your child draw and do their homework! But what DIY things can we add to the desk?

Well, the first thing a desk needs is a chair. What I would recommend is going to a charity furniture shop and getting a simple wooden chair. You can then paint the wooden chair any colour your child likes. You can even help them paint something they love onto it. A superhero logo or a character from their favourite game, for example!

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Once you’ve got the chair, you can focus on what goes on the desk. One thing they’re going to find useful is a pencil holder. When I was young, I had a DIY pencil holder that I loved. Get a used tin, one that’s been washed and dried. (Remember to remove the labelling!) Then, wrap some cool-looking material around it. Sticking the material on can be tricky if you’re not using the right adhesive; look into getting some discounted glue dots. Voilà! You have a funky, hand-crafted pencil holder.

And while they might be too young to start drinking coffee like us adults do at our desks, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a cool custom mug! There are plenty of ways you can make an awesome custom mug, from Sharpies to paint.

The walls

You’ve probably already been considering what colour paint you’re going to use on the walls. (Of course, it’s not too late to change your mind and consider a painted Super Mario design!) But what about the other thing you can put on walls? You may not have thought about it too much. The walls of any room have great potential; don’t let your child’s walls go to waste!

kids diy 4.pngFlickr

One thing I’ve seen around that I wish I had when I was a kid is a chalkboard wall. This doesn’t require knocking the walls down and replacing them with chalkboards! You can get removable and repositionable chalkboards that stick to the wall of your child’s bedroom. (There are also whiteboard options if your kid would prefer felt tip to chalk!) These things are absolutely fantastic for a creative child to have. After all, we still use big dry-erase boards to brainstorm well into adulthood! Why not give that same privilege to your kid?

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Another thing you can add to the wall are shelves for books. You may already have plans for a ready-made bookcase. But when you make the wall part of the bookshelf, you expand the potential for creativity. You can colour some inexpensive boxes and mount them onto the wall. You could also look into getting some funky floating bracket bookshelves, which can save a bunch of room. It will also block less of the view of whatever wall paint design you decided on! (That awesome Super Mario one I mentioned earlier, right?)


It may not seem like you can do many creative things with the drawers. But, just like the chair suggestion from earlier, it can be done by getting something cheap and modifying it.

If you browse a charity furniture store, you’ll be able to find some quality (and cheap!) drawers in no time. Once it’s in your kid’s room, it’s time to modify it slightly. What we’re going to look at is replacing the drawers pulls with something much more fun! Remove those boring wooden knobs from the drawers; it shouldn’t be too difficult if the have the right screwdriver.

kids diy 6.pngFlickr

Once that’s done, you can replace the pulls with toys. Yes, you read that right! Get some small plastic or wooden toys. Their size should be just enough to fit completely and snugly in your child’s hand. They can be farm animals, superheroes – anything! You can then affix them to the drawer. If you use the right adhesive, like super glue or permanent glue dots, then they can be used a new drawer pull! If you can’t find the right toys, then you can just use cool wooden shapes and paint them however you like. (Or, rather, however your child likes!)
arrowDesigning and crafting an amazing room for your child will be a great project for everyone. It will also have long-term benefits for your kid. Get brainstorming!

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