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The 4 Things To Do When You First Move In

Moving in can be a chaotic process. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, so it’s helpful to have a checklist. Working methodically can help you to stay calm and not feel like the tasks are insurmountable. The checklist below includes a few helpful steps that may have slipped your mind when you first move in.

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Check Security

When we move to a new area, it can be extra important to stay secure. We may not be as vigilant as normal if we are distracted. Moving in can also attract attention from thieves even if our area is considered relatively crime-free. They know that we are distracted by other things, new to the neighbourhood, and may not be taking certain precautions. When we first move in, we should ensure that the locks are secure. We may feel better having the locks changed to ensure that we are protected if previous owners gave our extra keys. We can also check that windows and back doors are secured against potential intruders. Our life will still be in boxes at this point. We will be coming in and out of doors several times and likely leaving them ajar. This can make things easier for criminals. Try to get into good habits right away. Have an extra pair of hands around to ensure that the door is manned and your items are protected.

Consult A Stylist

It may seem strange timing to have a home stylist on board when you have just moved in. But making choices right from the start stops us from having to correct mistakes or change things around. There is nothing worse than investing time and energy in decorating only to discover that we could have done much better. Get some inspiration. Browse a custom interior design gallery and consult a professional about your needs and wishes. Experienced stylists can adapt your style needs to suit any space or budget. If you have a professional on board from the start, you will be able to achieve house of your dreams in a shorter space of time.

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Make Lists

As soon as you move in and have somewhere to sit, it can be helpful to make a list. Shopping lists, to do lists, and more will all help us to stay organised. We may think that we have a good memory and can easily recall all that we need to do. But with stress, tiredness and even excitement thrown into the mix, our memory can become very disrupted. We are easier to distract and can waste time. We may set out on a journey and return without the one thing we meant to get! Making lists from the start ensures that we can work through our tasks in a structured way. We take some of the mental pressure off ourselves and focus on enjoying this new chapter in our lives.

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Send Out Invitations To Your House-Warming Party

The thought of a house warming party may seem overwhelming while we still have lots to do. But sending invitations out two to three weeks in advance can be a great incentive to get things in order. A few days after moving in, many people find that their motivation wanes. Things that should have been done can linger for extra days or even weeks. Knowing that we have a party coming up with keep us motivated. It will also give us a celebration to look forward to.
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