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3 Ways To Upgrade Your Work Wear

We all spend a large portion of our day at work. Whether it’s in an office, shop or call center, it’s vital that we make a good impression. To do this, we need to look neat, clean and tidy at all times. But this can often leave us feeling uninspired by our workwear. While shirts, trousers and blazers are the most popular form of workwear, they can get a little dull when worn day after day.arrow

They can also be uncomfortable to wear and stop your personality from shining through. To start enjoying your workwear more, while still keeping a professional look, take a look at these three upgrades.

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Wear clothes that fit

Nothing is more uncomfortable and unflattering to wear than clothes that don’t fit correctly. The most amazing shirt or dress that is ideal for work can quickly be ruined by gaping seams or being a size too small. It won’t create a good first impression, and you’ll look unprofessional. Take this opportunity to try on all of your workwear to see if it fits well or not. If you’ve been in office based jobs for a long time, you will probably have workwear that’s years old and no longer fits. Donate these items and find out your current measurements. Then replace your workwear with clothing that flatters your figure perfectly. This will boost your comfort at work while making you look dressed for success.

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Find shirt alternatives

Most companies encourage their staff to wear shirts as they create a professional look. But they are plenty of alternatives you could wear that look just as smart. So why not make this the year you try something new. You could try wearing sweaters in 2016 or buttoned up cardigans. These look fantastic with trousers and high waisted skirts. They can also be layered on top of your shirts if you wish. Or you could try knitted polo shirts, turtleneck jumpers or even t-shirts, depending on your place of work. This will stop your workwear from becoming boring by adding more interest, color, and practicality to your look.

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Use accessories

Accessories, whether it’s shoes, bags or belts can breathe new life into your workwear in an instant. You can use it to give a pop of color to a black suit. Or to enhance the look of a patterned pencil dress. A white shirt can be transformed with a bold statement necklace, as it gives it a more finished look. Go through your jewelry box and wardrobe to see what accessories you have that you can use. Items that you might save for a girls night out such as bracelets and clutch bags could work surprisingly well. Just remember to be smart with your accessorizing. Piling too much on or having too many clashing colors can have the opposite effect by making you look untidy.arrowThese simple ways to upgrade your workwear will add style, comfort and personality to your look. Even the smallest of changes can get you noticed by the right people. So get an updated look today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

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