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Summer Is On It’s Way – Are You Feeling Bikini Ready?

Summer is nearly here and do you know what that means ladies? Time to don your bikini and get ready for the beach! It can be quite a daunting thing to do, especially with the weather not being great recently. When you haven’t had much skin on show, baring all can be a scary thought. Here are some tips for getting ready to get into your bikini.arrow

Beat the Bloat

This is quite a last minute to do, but if you are going to show off your stomach, you don’t want to be bloated. Having a lot of salt in your diet can cause bloating. So no salt and vinegar crisps for 48 hours before you plan to hit the beach. The same goes for alcohol too. That can bloat your stomach a lot. Plus, there are a lot of calories in alcohol. Not something you want to be having too much of, if you want to shift a few pounds.

If you find that you are often feeling bloated, try taking something like a probiotic. It will help to sort out your stomach and digestion and get rid of any extra bloating.

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Drink Plenty of Water

A lot of diets have one thing in common; drinking a lot of water. It is a great thing to do to beat the bloat and help you to lose weight. You will feel like you have so much more energy too. Your body can function as it should when it is fully hydrated. There is the bonus of having clear skin when you drink a lot of water too. You should aim for more than two litres of water a day. Even more, if you are exercising.

Fake It

A lot of us might feel a bit more confident getting into a bikini if we have great looking skin. One way to do that is to have a spray tan or apply fake tan before you hit the beach. Then you can feel more confident as you get into your bikini. Still apply suncream as normal, but it will take the edge off pale skin. It will make your sunburn look less red too.

If you feel like you need an extra boost, you could consider something like a skin peel or some treatment for stretch marks. Sometimes no matter how much moisturiser you use, they don’t fade. There are clinics all over that you could visit to look into the costs of it.  A clinic called Dr Leah might be a good place to start.


One of the best ways to look good is to exercise. You burn calories and build muscle. Firmer bods look so much better on the beach, so don’t be afraid of the free weights! Try to exercise for at least thirty minutes a day. Try a spin class as they will help to firm up your legs. A body pump class will help to firm up your arms too.arrow

Have you got any holiday plans this summer? Hope these tips help!

Lots of Love

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