Airbase HD Airbrush Makeup Review

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Sometime last year I completed a course in Airbrush makeup and instantly fell in love with the results. I’ve now been using Airbase HD Airbrush makeup on the majority of my clients and have formed a pretty good opinion on the product. Spoiler: It’s good!


Airbase foundation is an amazing HD foundation that you apply using an airbrush. Using an airbrush means the particles in the foundation are teeny tiny, so even on super HD cameras that normally pick up every little imperfection, you’re skin will still look flawless while keeping the foundation virtually invisible. It’s for this reason airbrush makeup has become so popular for TV, movies and photography in the last couple of years.airbrush review 2.jpg

Using an airbrush is definitely something that takes some getting used to. Although, once you understand the techniques it’s really easy, so much quicker than a regular foundation and much more hygienic than using your hands or brushes.

Airbase makeup, in particular, is my airbrush makeup of choice. Airbase foundation is an extremely thin, lightweight foundation which by manipulating different techniques can either be a light natural coverage or can be built up to be very full coverage with the ability to cover tattoos or birthmarks. Airbase is silicone based meaning it’s going to smooth out any pores or uneven texture without clogging them up, plus it’s heat-proof, meaning it’ll hold up all night long on you wedding day or won’t melt away under big studio lights. The best explanation of Airbase make up I can give is it acts like a film over the skin. It just smoothes over the skin, sweat doesn’t budge it, water alone doesn’t budge it and it just creates a flawless finish.

Normally, airbrush has a pretty bad reputation for drying immediately on the skin, meaning if the application is anything less than perfect, you have to remove the whole lot and begin again. This is where Airbase differs from regular airbrush foundation. It gives you a good couple of minutes to blend out mistakes with a brush before setting firmly in place and offers 7 different shades ranging from very dark to very light making it very easy to mix your own shade.

This is a pretty pricey product and one that is definitely aimed at professionals and not at the general public for day-to-day use. However, I think it’s so easy to learn, easy to use and gives you SO many options if you’re a freelance makeup artist.


Have any of your tried Airbase make up?

Lots of Love

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