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Things We Should All Make Time For


In this day and age, technology is front and centre in our lives. We’re pretty much constantly battling a stream of distractions. And distractions eat up so much of our time. Really take a minute and think about how much time you’ve wasted watching YouTube videos, scrolling through social media, binge watching Netflix or just zoning out in front of the TV. I know this is where a large chunk of my day goes and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. So, here’s 5 things I think we should all make a little more time for.arrow


Self-care is all about ensuring our most basic physical and emotional needs are met. So many people don’t really look after themselves and it’s something I know I need to work on. Self-care to me is making sure you drink enough water during the day, making sure you get all the vitamins your body needs to function properly, getting at least 8 hours sleep at night and taking actual steps to reduce stress and look after your mental health. There’s such a stigma surrounding working out or dieting that people automatically assume you’re trying to lose weight to ‘fit into how society thinks you should look’. Nope. We SHOULD be exercising and eating healthy for our bodies to simply be able to function properly! So taking the time for go for a walk, or physically taking the time to de-stress and drinking the full 8 glasses of water every day are actually little things we should make time for. We only have one body in our lifetime and we owe it to look after it properly.


If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard ‘I wish I could play X instrument’ or ‘I wish I could speak X language’ or even ‘ I wish I was an organized person’ I’d be a very rich girl indeed. Making time to learn new skills is SO important regardless of age. Self-improvement or self-growth is the key to happiness and living a fulfilled life. That feels like a pretty worthwhile way to spend your time to me.

Read books that challenge your thoughts

All of these points somewhat flow into one another and this one is a major factor in self-growth. I love reading books that challenge my thoughts and really help me develop my own opinion on important things. I love debates or discussing my opinions/beliefs with people that have opposing beliefs. It challenges my way of thinking, opens my mind up to factors I may have never considered and allows me to really solidify what I believe. Sometimes these debates can get pretty heated so I love reading books or articles that can’t yell back. Hehe!

Spreading Kindness

My biggest pet peeve is rudeness. People are busy, rushing and stressed but taking two seconds to smile at a stranger, say please or thank you or even look your cashier in the eye when talking to them really isn’t that difficult. Kindness spreads from kindness, so let’s start a Mexican Wave of kindness and make the world a happier place.

Spend quality time with family and friends

When you’re rushed for time, stressed and tired the first thing that suffers is our social lives. You don’t meet your friends in the pub because you need an early night, you can’t grab a coffee because you have too much work to catch up on or you can’t see that movie because you’re working late. Having a balanced life is so important for our mental well-being. Plus, building up relationships with friends and family is key in having overall life satisfaction.arrow

What are some things you think we should all make a little more time for?

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One thought on “Things We Should All Make Time For

  1. I love this post and I agree with all those tips! My number one is definitely spending more time with my loved ones but I definitely need work in the self care department too! Great post Gemma! XO -Kim


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