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Treat Yourself Without Spending Money


We all have goals we want to reach, good habits we want to create and bad habits we want to break and thanks to B.F Skinner we know that positive reinforcement on behaviours is great at getting us to repeat behaviours. Basically, when we do something we’re proud of, we should reward ourselves. Now, how we reward ourselves is completely up to us. Maybe it’s a bottle of wine at the end of a busy week or maybe it’s buying that amazing dress when you reach a weight loss milestone. Whatever it is, typically ends up coming with a cost. So here’s some little ways I like to treat myself without spending money.


Change Your Sheets
Sure the actual process of changing your sheets isn’t exactly what I would consider a treat but getting into bed at night to a nice, clean, fresh bed is one of my favourite all time feelings. I love doing this on days I’ve either been super busy or I’ve been out of the house all day. It feels incredible, plus I know I’ll have an amazing night’s sleep.

Take  A Nap
I promise not all of these treats are about sleeping (although would that really be a bad thing?!?) but when I’ve got a long to do list and I’m feeling drained I love treating myself with a nap. I find I’m able to push through a couple of important tasks when I’m going to be rewarding myself with a cheeky 20-minute nap.

Pamper Yourself
I love taking the time to pamper myself when I’ve acheived something. I do all the extra steps in my pamper routine that I normally don’t have time to do on an every day or even weekly basis. I give myself a proper facial, soak my feet in a bowl of hot water or give myself a salon quality blow dry.

Give Yourself A Day Doing Nothing
There’s nothing I love more than having a successful month and being able to give myself the full day to do absolutely nothing. I have nothing on my to-do list, I don’t have any appointments and I don’t even need to go to the shop to buy something for dinner. Just a full day of nothing-ness.

Invite Friends/Family Over For A Movie Night
Why spent £20 going to the cinema when you can easily hang out at home with your loved ones to watch a movie. Think about it; no annoying people behind you kicking your seat or chewing obnoxiously loud, you get to wear yours pj’s and wrap up in a cozy blanket and you won’t get kicked out for using your phone.


How do you like to treat yourself without spending money?

Lots of Love

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