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Bedside Table Must Haves!


Bedside tables are one of the most basic things in people’s room. There’s always a wardrobe or dresser, a bed and at least one bedside table. And considering the majority of time you spend in bed is spent drifting away in the land of nod, it’s surprising how many things we feel are essentials to keep within arm distance. So today I thought I’d share with you some of the things I consider to be my Bedside Table Must Haves.


Phone Charger – This is pretty obvious. I charge my phone up at night so having my phone charger in an easy to reach place is a definite must.

Lip Balm – At night I love putting a thick layer of lip balm on to let it work it’s magic DSC04190.JPGovernight. After consistently forgetting to put it on the same time as my skincare and
having to get out of bed to hunt it down, I now have a lip balm permanently living on my bedside table.

Notebook – I always have my best ideas at night and many ideas have disappeared into the universe because come the morning I have no idea what it was. Keeping a notebook for anything that pops into my head has massively helped to keep my blog post ideas flowing.

Makeup Wipes – We all have those nights (typically after a glass of wine of two) when going through your whole skincare routine is just too much but removing your makeup is so important. Read why here. So I like to keep makeup wipes within arms reach for a quick fix.

Headphones – If you read my How to sleep when you’re not tired post, you’ll know I love to listen to Sleep Music Delta Waves to help me sleep. I love the little apple headphones because they’re small enough to not bother your ears if you sleep on your side.


What do you consider to be your Bedside Table Must Haves?

Lots of Love

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