At-Home Manicure Routine

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Personally, I really begrudge paying a salon for a manicure when I can do it myself at home. Unless I want acrylics or some super fancy pattern on my nails, I’m always going to choose a good ol’ DIY job at home! I love being able to sit down once a week and just pamper my hands and nails while zoning out to some trashy tv shows. Since I’ve been doing my own nails at home I’ve developed a nice little routine which I thought I’d share with you today!

Removal – First thing I do is make sure all my polish is removed fully using Elegant Touch Acetone-free Nail Polish Remover. I love using acetone free because it’s way kinder to natural nails and can be used on artificial nails. Once it’s all off I wash my hands thoroughly to ensure all nail polish remover is off my finger nails which may prevent the new polish from sticking to the nail.

Shaping and prep – Once all old polish is removed I like to begin shaping my nails. I like to use a glass file to shape mine. Glass files are made up of small crystals and are amazing at getting a detailed shape to your nails, plus it lasts way longer than a regular emery board. There are so many different shapes you can opt for but I personally like shaping mine into an oval, as I feel it looks the most natural on me. Plus, it replicates the shape of your fingers giving the illusion my short stumpy fingers are longer.
Top Tip:- File towards the tip of your nail on each side of your finger, then shape the tip in one direction to avoid your nail splitting and weakening.

Cuticles – Cuticles are important as they keep your nails soft and protect them from bacteria but keeping them pushed back is a large part in achieving that salon quality manicure. Soften the cuticle by massaging in a cuticle oil and then using a cuticle stick gently push the cuticle back.
Top Tip:- Take your time massaging the oil into your cuticles, as it helps blood circulation which ultimately helps your nails grow. 

Look after your hands – Having nice nails is all good and well but when people are looking at your nails, they’re going to be looking at your hands as well. So keeping your hands looking good is a large part of my at-home manicure routine. The skin on our hands is super delicate just like our faces are, so I personally like to treat my hands the same way I do my face. I start by exfoliating all the dead skin away and then really take my time massaging moisturiser into my hands. Once I’ve finished I just clean off each nail to make sure it’s clear of anything that may prevent the polish from sticking.

Base coat – Applying a base coat is a step people often forget about but actually one that makes a major difference. Base coats help the nail polish stick to your nail, acts as a barrier protecting your nails from staining, peeling and gives your nails an even texture to paint on.

Painting the nails – Painting your nails is a pretty obvious step that I really don’t need to go into much detail on. If you struggle to apply polish neatly like I do, use a brush to remove the excess polish you managed to get on your skin. Previously I’d use a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover but found it left little fibres on my nails. Recently I’ve switched to a flat synthetic makeup brush soaked in nail polish that I only use for this purpose and it works like a dream!

Top coat – Top coats are similar to base coats in the sense that many skip this step. Top coats are important to prevent chipping and prolong the life of your polish. Plus depending on the top coat you buy, you can alter the finish. I love the matte top coat from OPI.


How do you like to give your nails a little bit of TLC?

Lots of Love

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