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My Blog Post Process And Checklist


You’d think after nearly a year and a half of blogging I’d be able to write a blog post without forgetting something important, right? Wrong! Countless blog posts I’d published only to realise I’ve missed a golden opportunity to link back to an older post, or I’ve forgotten my tags or my spelling and grammar is just all over the place. Seriously, it happens way more often than you think. For the last month or so I’ve been really working to improve the quality of my blog and have become somewhat regimented when it comes to my blog post process. I have a workflow that I follow and a checklist for each step of the way to ensure I don’t forget any important factors that separate a mediocre post to a great one. So I thought today I’d share with you the process of writing a blog post here at and even created a handy checklist which you can download as a PDF is you wish! Hopefully some of you find it useful!


Planning – Believe it or not but the more I write and the more often I post on my blog, the more post ideas I have. I find one post often natural leads on to another one. I usually sit down at the beginning of the month and do a very general mapping out of posts for the rest of the month. Although this never stays the same, I find it really helpful to have a My Blog Post Checklist.jpgguide.

Rough draft – At the beginning of each week, I sit down with a notebook and start making notes/generally planning the posts for that week. I think about keywords, how I want to lay out the post (e.g. Sub-headings, numbered lists, bullet points, etc.), photos I want to take, key points I want to get across or any previous posts I want to link to.

Writing – When I’m actually ready to sit down and write the post, I always refer back to my rough draft. Having the rough draft means I don’t need to be opening new tabs on my computer or hunting for information and I can just smash the blog post out distraction free. Plus all the hard parts are already done!

Pictures – I personally like to bulk take my images which is why planning the pictures in my rough draft is so important. I try to take my pictures in natural lighting but do have Softbox Lights if I need a little help.

Editing – Just like taking the pictures I find it really helpful to bulk edit my pictures. I personally use photoshop but find PicMonkey to be really great for basic editing. For the pictures on my blog I like to keep them looking as unedited as possible, so I generally just fiddle around with the brightness. Once I’m done editing the image, I make sure to rename the image to be the same as my blog post title. Not only does this make finding the image in my computer files easier but also massively helps with SEO.

Review – My review session usually happens a day or two after my original writing session. This is when I re-write anything I feel needs tweaking, check for spelling and grammar, format the post into my consistent layout, double check links and write the meta description and tags. Once I’m happy it’s all to my satisfaction I schedule the post.

 To download or print a PDF of my checklist, click this link!

My Blog Post Checklist


Do you have a blog post process or checklist that you follow?

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