How to Achieve Beautiful Lashes

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Beautiful lashes are something women have always and probably will always strive to achieve. Sadly we can’t all be blessed with long, thick, fluttery lashes but there are some things we can do to help move them in that direction.


Lash Accelerators – In the last few years, lash accelerators have become a major thing and can now be bought at your local drugstore. The idea is you apply this serum on your lashes Beautiful lashes 2every day and over time your lashes will grow nice and long.

Vaseline – I love it when I find an additional use for something I already own. So you can be sure I was ecstatic when I discovered Vaseline works really well at helping your lashes grow. Just apply some in your lashes before bed and then wash away in the morning.

Remove your makeup – If you haven’t read my post why you should never sleep in your makeup I definitely recommend you do so now. Leaving mascara on overnight causes it to become super dry and flake off, taking your lovely lashes with it.

Olive oil – Similarly to the Vaseline this is probably a product you already own. Olive oil contains loads of vitamins and minerals meaning this is a great product to help your lashes grow long and beautiful.
Top tip:- olive oil is amazing at removing eye makeup without damaging the skin. Two birds, one stone.


YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara
– I’ve already written whole post on this mascara so beautiful lashes 4you can read all about it here but finding a really good mascara that you love is going to be extremely important in achieving the long full lashes were aiming for. Start applying mascara at the base, give it a little wiggle to ensure your lashes don’t clump together and then brush towards the end.

Lash curler – Lash curlers are often overlooked in most people’s makeup routine but one that’s so important in achieving beautiful lashes. Not only does it help you lashes look longer but also opens up your eyes making them look more awake.

Tight line – Tight lining is another method many overlook or may not be aware of. Tight lining is the process of applying eyeliner to your upper waterline. This is an amazing trick at making your lashes look thicker right at the root and what’s great is it’s not obvious you’re wearing it. I love using the urban decay 24/7 liner pencils for this as they won’t transfer into the lower lash line.

Beauty treatments

Tint – If you’re someone that doesn’t like to wear much makeup and you’re looking for a low maintenance solution to fuller looking lashes, getting a tint may be your best bet.Beautiful lashes 3.jpg Lashes naturally thin and lighten towards the end, so by tinting your lashes you’re helping them appear longer and fuller.
Top tip:- tinting your lashes with a blue tint will help make blue eyes pop. Don’t worry the blue tint appears black to the eye.

Lash perm – Lash perms are exactly what the sound like. Lashes are semi-permanently curled using a perming solution or cream. Personally. I don’t think this is an entirely necessary treatment, unless you have extremely straight, stubborn lashes. Just remember to research the person offering the treatment well as your trusting them to put chemicals on your eyes! Be smart people!

Individual eyelash extensions – This is my treatment of choice. Individual lash extensions involve the process of gluing a long false lash over the top of your real one. It’s a process that can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on your technicians speed and the amount of lashes you have. Plus, the false lashes come in a wide variety of thickness, colours, and lengths meaning you can make your lashes as natural or as full as you want. I have a video on my experience and showing the application process coming soon! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!


Beautiful lashes will mean something different to everyone. For me, it’s full, long and dark lashes? What do you like to do for your lashes?

Lots of Love

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