How To Sleep When You’re Not Tired Routine

How to sleep when you're not tired

Do you ever have those nights where no matter how hard you try you just can’t fall asleep? I’ve been experiencing this every night for the last week or so. Now if you know me personally, you’ll know there’s nothing I value more than my sleep. In desperation, I started to google and trial any methods that may help me drift away to the land of nod. Some worked. Some didn’t. But I can say I now have a tried and true routine to help me sleep.arrow

  1. Open a window – I love to be bundled up under a big comfy duvet. No matter how hot or cold it is, I just love being cocooned in warmth. But that warmth isn’t all too ideal for drifting off to sleep. I like to sleep with my window open to help keep my body temperature down (something that’s really important for us to sleep) but also allows me to get fresh air and breathe clearly throughout the night.
  2. Music – Sometimes when I’m finding it difficult to sleep I love to listen to some relaxing music. I regularly listen to Deep Sleep Delta Waves on YouTube with some little headphones. I find it really relaxing and helps me fall asleep in a flash.
  3. Night time drink – about an hour or so before I go to sleep I love to make this night time drink. It’s such a warm and comforting drink  and it makes me feel instantly more relaxed. But I make sure to drink an hour or so before I actually head to bed because nothing is more annoying than getting all comfy and then having to get up to pee.
  4. Put away any technology and put phone on aeroplane mode – I personally like to put my phone on aeroplane mode at night. For some reason, notifications from my blog or social media picks up around 1am which means my phone is beeping and vibrating which is very difficult to sleep through. So I find keeping it on aeroplane mode allows me to keep any pesky distractions at bay.
  5. Breathe – when I’m lying down I sometimes take 5 minutes just to slow down my breathing and clear my mind. I try to avoid thinking of anything I need to do the next day or relaying something that may have happened and just focus entirely on my breath. A lot like meditation.
  6. Keep to a routine – I personally have a before bed routine that I like to follow which lets my body know it’s time to sleep. It’s so basic in the sense it involves taking off makeup, brushing my teeth, etc but it really helps so much to get me ready to sleep.


What do guys do when you find yourself tossing and turning at night?

Lots of Love

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3 thoughts on “How To Sleep When You’re Not Tired Routine

  1. YES! I struggle with this so often. Because I have a really early morning most days it stresses me out when I can’t sleep so I rub a little lavender lotion on my temples and the back of my neck and it helps soothe me into sleep! These are great tips for those restless nights, great post! XO -Kim


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