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Brows are so in right now. And as with any obsession to grace social media, I’ve hopped right on board the ‘fad’ train. I’ve always been very lazy with my brows but now makeup has become so prominent in both my career and personal life, I feel the need to keep my brows as groomed as possible. And since I’m well overdue a brow taming sesh, I thought I’d share how I keep my brows on ‘fleek’ or as ‘fleek’ as I can possibly get them.


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First thing I always do is tint my brows. Now, my brows are dark brown anyway but I always like to tint them to make sure any lighter hair around the edges are as dark as possible. This is for two reasons.

  1. So my brows look fuller
  2. So I can really clearly see the shape when it comes to shaping them.

Before tinting, I start by going over my brows with a cotton bud and some makeup Brow Grooming - Tintremover (I use Nivea Micellar Water) to ensure the brows are makeup free and there’s nothing lurking there that’ll stop the tint from working.

Now for the tinting. I like to use Ellison’s Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Kit simply because it’s the brand I trained with, I like the results and I feel confident in understanding the developing times with this specific brand.

If like me, you’re a fan of dark brows that look almost black to the eye, it’s so important to listen to my words. DO NOT JUST USE A BLACK TINT! It’ll be harsh and won’t look natural in the slightest. Saying that, if you like you brows looking like they’ve been drawn on with a black sharpie, then you do you, boo! The darkest I would tint brows, regardless of skin tone is a mix of half brown and half black. The intensity of this colour can then be adjusted based on developing time.

As I mentioned, I like my brows dark, so I like to mix half brown and half black then add in 4 drops of developer/peroxide. Remember the amount of peroxide you use will vary depending on the brand you use, so make sure you read the Manufacturer’s Instructions carefully.

To apply the tint I like to first brush my brows backwards to make sure the underside of my brows are fully coated and then I brush them back and place a nice thick coat of tint over the rest of my brows. Personally, I found the perfect developing time for me is 2 minutes. Again, this comes down to personal preference, so I think the best thing to do is take it off earlier than you think and just add some more tint if you want them a little darker.

After two minutes I simply take a damp cotton pad and wipe away the tint. Don’t be afraid to give them a good scrub if you find you skin has been stained with the tint. It will come off. I promise!


When it comes to shaping your brows, I think it’s super important to go with a shape that Brow Grooming - shapingsuit you specifically and not the shape that’s popular at the moment. The best way to find your shape is by eyebrow mapping. Eyebrow mapping is all about using your facial features to identify where your brows should start, end and where your brow should arch.

Once I’ve found my perfect shape I like to take an eyeliner pencil to make where hair needs to be removed. Once I have guide I can begin shaping.

Personally, my favourite way of shaping my brows is with tweezers. I know some people are fans of waxing or threading but I’ve personally found it’s way too easy for me to remove more hair that I’d like.


Next comes trimming the brows. Until a year ago I never trimmed my brows. I like mine thick and natural and honestly thought it would make my brows appear thinner, which Brow Grooming - Trimmingwas essentially the total opposite of what I was trying to achieve. However, for some reason I tried it one day and was blown away by how great it made them look. I actually felt it made my brows look thicker and it just helped them look more polished.

To trim them I like to take a disposable mascara brush and first brush all my hairs upwards. I then simply take a small pair of scissors and trim the tips of any hairs that are sticking out past my brows. I then brush my brows down and do exactly the same from the underneath.

arrowHow do you guys like to keep your brow under control? Do you do it yourself at home or are you more of a salon kinda gal?

Lots of Love

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