A Look Inside My Erin Condren Planner


I’ve always been a planner. Buying diaries/agendas and scheduling events and tasks has always been very therapeutic for me and also a very personal thing. Since I’ve become busier, I’ve never been more dependent on a planner to keep me organised and to give me some direction to what I’m meant to be doing that week! So Today, I thought I’d give you a little look inside my planner to see how I plan posts and schedule my time for productivity.

What I use to Plan

I’ve always been a Filofax kind of girl. I love the leather and I just feel it looks super professional which in a weird way makes me feel the tasks inside it hold more priority than when they’re just scrawled on a scrap piece of paper. When I was using my Filofax I loved the DIYFISH inserts which you can purchase on Etsy. They have a tonne of room for lists and keeping track of everything.

However, more recently I’ve discovered the wonderful world of Erin Condren and I’ve not looked back since. I love the size of this planner and the customizable designs with beautiful bright colours. Admittedly, it’s very different from the professional appearance of a Filofax but for a planner that lives on my desk at home it’s perfect!

The Erin Condren planner works on a vertical weekly view with each day being split into three sections. In previous years of this planner, there were ‘Morning’, ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ headings for each one of these sections. In this year’s planner, they are blank, which means you can split your sections up into whatever works for you! For example, you could have work, home, kids and under each section write any appointments, meetings or to do’s relating to that specific section. Personally, I like to use my three sections as Personal, Blog & YT and Work.

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a day in the life of a blogger 3.jpg

How I Plan

The picture above is what a weekly view looks like for me on a regular week. Things obviously change depending on what I have going on that week but generally it looks a lot like this one.

At the very bottom of my page, I like to keep what blog posts and videos are going to be going live that day. For me, this is the most important section of my planner. This is my editorial calendar and is what keeps me on track with my blog. I usually pre-plan my posts the week before and use this massively as a guideline. I don’t stress if I change my mind about a post or add 1 or 2 in last minute. I like keeping my blog posts/videos down the bottom, so when I’m working it’s easy to find the information I need and I don’t have to scan the rest of my days to do’s to see what I’m meant to be posting that day.

I usually like to plan out my work section first as this sets a guideline of how much time I can dedicate to my blog that day. I’m a freelance makeup artist, which means I don’t have a set work schedule. So, writing EVERYTHING down is a major must for me. Other than my work schedule, I keep track of to-do’s such as things I need to buy for my kit, cleaning my brushes or even reminders to do the boring bookkeeping side of things.

Next, I typically like to work on my personal section. I keep track of bills that need paying, meal planning, when I’m meeting up with friends or a reminder for when my favourite TV Shows come on. Yes, I’m that obsessive about The Walking Dead.

The last section left is blog and YT, based on what I have going on that week I usually schedule my blog tasks onto certain days. Monday’s I’ll usually spend working on writing posts and general website maintaining. Tuesday’s I’ll usually take blog pictures and fine tune any posts from the day before. Wednesday’s I’ll typically film videos and Thursdays I’ll edit the videos from the day before. Friday I like to use as a catch-up day. Anything I haven’t been able to complete through the week I try to get done on the Friday to allow me a free weekend. This is obviously a guideline and doesn’t always work out but I like to have a general guideline to follow for the week.


Do any of you guys have a planner? What do you like to schedule your time with?

Lots of Love

* This post does contain an affiliate link. All opinions expressed are my entirely my own!

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