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3 Inspiring Ideas For A Great Night In

Staying in is not only for the tired and anti-social. More people than ever are finding that when work comes to an end and the rush hour is behind them, staying in is genuinely appealing. The chances are that you spent a lot of time on your home or bedroom. You picked out all the designs and furniture that you thought would be comfortable and suit your personality. And yet when you combine all the hours we spend at work, running errands or socialising, we probably hardly spend any time in it! It’s time to appreciate your home for the safe, cosy and inviting spot that it really is. Get your creative juices flowing with these simple but inspiring ideas for a great night in.

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The Movie Night

A night in with a blockbuster is a classic for a reason. Gathering round with a bowl of warm, fresh popcorn and fizzy drinks has an excitable, nostalgic quality to it. Dim the lights, curl up with a loved one and lose yourself in the story. Movie nights can be as quiet or as sociable as you want them to be. If you want to invite friends, a comedy or blockbuster can keep the atmosphere fun. Nachos, chips, and one-pot bakes are all a good option if you’ll be eating together and can make a whole night of it! Have paper plates and cups to make tidying up afterwards easy. A horror movie night can be a great choice for Halloween, or a romance movie for Valentine’s Day. Whatever the season, gathering round with snacks and friends is a perfect way to unwind at the end of the day and still feel like you’re having fun.

The Quiz Night

Going out may not be in the budget or may simply not appeal after a long day’s work. But if you want to socialise and there is no real occasion, make an occasion yourself! A fun quiz night can be a great way to connect with friends, family, and even neighbours if you’re trying to break the ice. A themed quiz or one you’ve designed yourself is always 3 inspiring ideas for a great night in 2particularly fun. Pick a few categories and begin researching them online. Eclectic sites like BBC news, BuzzFeed, and are all great starting points. People can divide into teams or simply work as a group! Keep the beer, wine (or tea) flowing and it will be a unique and affordable night to remember.

The Spa Night

This is perhaps a particularly popular option for ladies but it doesn’t have to be exclusive! If the men want to join in, foot rubs, moisturising hand cream, and exfoliating facials are all gender neutral. It doesn’t have to be nail painting and eyelash crimping. Don’t worry. A spa night in can actually be a great way for friends or couples to appreciate each other. Soothing music and soft lighting are a great way to create a relaxing ambience. Aromatherapy oils can be added to a foot soak or hot bath to fill the room with a calming fragrance. Herbal teas are a lovely way to refresh afterwards, then sink into bed with a good book or box set. Be prepared to awaken from the best night’s sleep you’ve had in months!


What are you favourite ways to make a night in special?

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