Makeup Stash Clear Out: Concealer


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If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I’ve started a new ‘series’ to help give me the motivation to actually declutter my makeup stash. It’s something we should all be doing every 6 months or so and I’m officially a couple of years overdue! So here’s some of the concealers that made the cut and some that hit the bin!arrow

Concealers that made the cut


Benefit Erase Paste
If you’re someone who suffers with dark undereye circles then this concealer is going to be your best friend. This is extremely thick, so you only need a tiny amount of product and it blends out like a dream.

LA Girl Pro.Conceal HD Concealer
I’ve talked about this product a handful of times on my blog before and I still stand where I did before. It’s a gorgeous concealer, great coverage, super creamy and doesn’t crease makeup cleanse concealer 3under the eyes!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is my favourite of all drugstore concealers. It’s got an amazing coverage, is ideal for highlighting the face, lasts well throughout the day and I don’t find it creases. The only downside being it only comes in 4 shades.

Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer
Rimmel Hide The Blemish concealer was my go to concealer when I first started wearing makeup and I still love it. When I’m having a particularly bad breakout I use this under my foundation on blemishes and it makes them a dream to cover!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer
This for me, just like the foundation is my ride-or-die concealer. In my opinion, it’s incredibly similar to the Collection lasting perfection, but has a much nicer finish and is less drying which is pretty important around the under eye area. Plus, the colour selection is way better than Collection’s.

ELF Corrective Concealer Palette
While I don’t rate the Elf concealers for their coverage, I do really like their corrective concealer. Because they’re pretty lightweight you won’t feel cakey by using an extra concealer in your makeup routine. They have a pretty good selection of colours meaning a large variety of people would be able to use this.

 Concealers I had the let go

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
I had high hopes for this one as I love the Erase Paste, but this one just didn’t sit well with my skin. I found it to be quite drying, sticking to dry patches and quite hard to blend out. It’s okay for someone who just needs the odd bit of concealer for blemishes but not worth it for the price.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealermakeup cleanse concealer 2
I love this concealer for days when my dark circles aren’t as bad as they normally are. This is a relatively light coverage concealer but can definitely be built up and is super hydrating. Sadly, I just don’t reach for this one very often and it’s well past its lifespan.

W7 Camouflage Kit
I actually found this kit to be quite similar to the Benefit Boi-ing but worse. Obviously, this is much cheaper but I still wouldn’t recommend wasting your hard earned cash on this one. It’s extremely drying and for something that calls itself a camouflage kit, it really didn’t camouflage a thing.

Helen E Cosmetics Conceal It! Concealer
When I first got this product I really liked it. It’s super light and made contouring really easy and it blended out beautifully. But as time has gone on it’s dried out a lot and it just no longer sit nicely on the skin, so sadly this one has to go.

ELF Concealer Pallette
I previously mentioned why I’m not crazy about the regular ELF concealer palettes above but in short, it doesn’t offer very much coverage, it’s super creamy and I find it can slide around the face throughout the day and I find the dark shades to be quite difficult to blend. arrow

When was the last time you guys did a makeup clear out? What concealers do you guys struggle to let go of?

Lots of Love

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