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Five Tips For Updating Your Look

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be constantly trying to find new ways to update your look. Many people are put off experimenting with their style as they instantly think it will be expensive. It will be if you visit a salon, however, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can try out at home. Not only does home-styling keep costs down, but you will be able to play with your look as much or as little as you like. You can keep tweaking until you get things just right! Interested in playing with your style? Here are my five top tips for updating your look!
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You don’t have to spend a fortune and buy yourself a completely new wardrobe of clothes. One simple way of glamming up an old outfit is to accessorise! Pick one statement accessory and use it to draw attention to your style. Large pieces of costume jewellery are especially good for jazzing up one of your everyday outfits, or you could take a glitzy clutch bag out with you. With accessories, you can go as bling as you want. You’ll find items perfect for both demure and bold outfits!

Contact Lenses
Why not play around with coloured contact lenses? Small changes to your look such as these discrete lenses can really enhance your whole style. When you have a big night out planned but are sick of wearing the same old going-out outfit, pop in some lenses to add the wow factor! Choose a colour that matches your skin and hair tone if you don’t want to draw too much notice to yourself. If you want a confident look, choose bright red lenses!

Dye Your Hair
How long have you had your current hair colour for now? Maybe it’s time for an update! Go to your local salon if you want to chat to a professional about the best colour for the season. They can also update your cut too while they’re at it! Don’t be put off of dying hair if you’re on a budget. Visiting a salon isn’t always necessary! Over-the-counter dyes get better each year and current formulas are very well developed. They’ll leave your hair a rich colour for much longer! If you are worried it might go wrong, start off with a semi-permanent dye. Once you build your confidence, you can start using a permanent dye in your locks!

Change Your Parting
Another hair tip, switch up your parting for an instant makeover! If you have a centre parting, move it over to one side. If you like what you see, ask your hairdresser to cut your hair to suit a side parting. You can also do this the other way round too – move a side parting into the centre of your hair. This is a quick-fix for those days you can’t decide how to style your locks!

Shop Second Hand 
Admittedly finding amazing things in a second-hand store is pretty difficult and comes down to complete luck. However, sometimes you can find some incredible pieces and it’s a great way to experiment with new styles on a very cost effective basis.

These are just five ways you can makeover your look. Have any other great ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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