NOTD – Copacabana

notd copacobana.jpgWith the coldest months finally past us, I’m fully surrounding myself in summer-inspired makeup and products in the naive belief it’ll make summer come sooner. With the weather still being a little chilly to rock shorts or a floaty maxi, I’m starting with switching out my nails and makeup.arrow

notd- copacabana.jpg
Being a chronic nail biter, my nails are always short and sometimes, I just want long well-shaped nails, without the hassle of painting them. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Elegant Touch. Elegant Touch is hands down my favourite brand for press-on nails. Their designs range to suit everyone’s taste and come in varying shapes and lengths. They also have different methods of attaching the press-on nail to your real nails, meaning you can decide how long you want the nails to last. I used the liquid glue that they give you in the box as I find this lasts the longest (usually a week to a week and a half). I find the adhesive tabs lasts a day or two and the brush on glue last 3 days to a week.

Their Copacabana nails (£7.95) were too cute for me to not try. They’re white with pineapples (seriously, what is it about pineapples?!), rounded at the end and medium in length, meaning you won’t be struggling to pick things up or just function like a normal person. All Elegant Touch press-on nails have a UV gel technology, which means you nails won’t chip, they stay strong the entire wear and the top coat won’t scratch. They’re super easy to apply and take maybe 10 minutes to do all of your nails. If you haven’t already tried any Elegant Touch Nails, I really recommend you do.

notd - copacobance.jpg

Some Of My Faves!

Next Level Nude                           Prima Donna.jpg

Next Level Nude (£7.99)                                                             Prima Donna (£7.95)

Regal Fantasy.jpg                            Rescue Me.jpg

   Regal Fantasy (£6.59)                                                                  Rescue Me (£7.10)

Have any of you tired press-on nails? What do you think about them?

Lots of Love

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