Makeup Struggles For Girls With Glasses


Today, I thought I’d do a different type of post from my regular beauty reviews and take you through the daily makeup struggles of a girl with glasses. I’ve worn glasses since I was a young child and most of the time opt for contacts, simply because I find they make life a lot easier. That being said I LOVE wearing my glasses and often actually prefer the way I look when I wear them! Whether you’re as equally bad sighted as me, or someone with perfect vision, I hope you enjoy how a regular day in glasses is for me. arrow


Applying makeup when you’re a glasses wearer is sooooooooooo difficult. Difficult to the point where I’ve considered putting my contact lenses in to do my makeup and then take them out again when I’ve finished. The main problem obviously is not being able to see what you’re doing. Two major issues come from this.

The first is to actually be able to see what you’re doing, you have to come right up close to the mirror. And being close to a mirror and giant eyeliner brushes just don’t play well together. Your line’s become wobbly as you try to hold your brush in a certain way resulting in you looking like you have some serious raptor claws. You almost go completely blind by forgetting about the proximity of the mirror and stabbing yourself in the eye with the brush. And you’re eventually left with one large black circle as you try and try again to get a smooth line.

Secondly, that even when you think you’re makeup is done, your lines are perfect and everything is blended out like a pro, you put your glasses on to realise you look like you’ve had your makeup done by a 4-year-old child hyped up on food dyes and basing the look off of a Picasso painting.  Time to get those glasses off and keep on blending.

Wearing your glasses

After the terror of applying your makeup, you can finally slip your specs back on and step back to admire your work. A couple of seconds later, your vision becomes blurry and you start panicking that you’ve blinded yourself with eyeliner. You frantically rip your glasses off to inspect your eyeballs and… oh wait.. look at that. Mascara is all over the lens in beautiful eyelash strokes. Good. Great. Best keep your lens cleaner handy.

Other than the mascara mishap, you’re happy with the makeup. Proud even. And what better way to share your masterpiece, than with a makeup selfie. You stride with confidence over to the window, ready to take a selfie that would shame even the selfie queen, Kim K. But then, the glare means you can’t even remotely see your eyes, let alone the eyeliner you’ve just risked your life for. After taking 100,000 pictures and moving locations at least 20 times, you think you’ve found the perfect picture. Until… ‘Damn it, my glasses are crooked’.

You go about your day and rushing in and out of places gets your all hot and bothered resulting in your glasses steaming up (not makeup related but an annoyance from wearing glasses all the same), so you take them off until you’ve had a chance to cool down a little. This is when your friend points out the two large spots on your nose where your makeup has been rubbed away by your beloved specs. You make a mental note to keep you glasses on and touch up when you find a bathroom.

You day goes on and nothing particularly dramatic happens until the next day when you notice some bright red blemishes where your glasses had been touching your face. The pressure of your glasses specifically on your nose or side of your head covers your pores, meaning any products used around those areas become pore-clogging resulting in some big ol’ blemishes. UGH!


Do any of you wear glasses and do you guys have any other makeup struggles when you wear them?

Lots of Love

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8 thoughts on “Makeup Struggles For Girls With Glasses

  1. I prefer wearing contacts because of the reasons you have stated. When I have no choice but to wear glasses, I just do one coat of mascara and that’s it, I’m way to blind to do anything else. Haha

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  2. This is so accurate! I do my makeup in natural light now, as opposed to using a lamp before and I feel like that helps! What is deceiving though is right after you finish your makeup, you step back and think like wow I did a good job and my face looks so clear! You put your glass on and you don’t look like what you thought you did a minute ago haha!

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  3. I’ve never gotten mascara on my glasses, but the rest is true! I mostly get acne between my eyes from the top of the bridge of my glasses, rather than the actual nose pieces.

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