My Guide to Getting Killer Lashes

In the last year or two, a lot of beauty trends have become all about the eyebrows. But having beautiful lashes is still something that’s essential to strive for. Your brows might help to highlight your eyes, but it’s your lashes that make them look stunning. I love a pair of beautiful eyes, and I’m happy to spend time making mine look perfect. A lot of women can struggle with getting pretty lashes. They might apply their mascara incorrectly or immediately turn toward fake lashes. I’ve got some useful tips for anyone who struggles to get those luscious lashes they’re looking for.arrow

Eyelash Care
If you want your eyelashes to be strong and healthy, you have to take care of them. You put lots of time into looking after your hair, so why not your eyelashes too? One of the things I try not to do is rub my eyes. Firstly, it will mess up my makeup! But apart from that, it can also damage your eyelashes. You don’t want to pull them out accidentally, so avoid eye rubbing when you’re tired. Washing around your eyes every day will help to keep your lashes clean. Although, you obviously need to be careful about getting anything in your eyes. It’s also a great idea to moisturize your lashes, which you can do by rubbing in petroleum jelly

eyelash.pngPhoto source: Lina Smith

Applying Mascara Correctly
If you want to wear mascara to highlight your eyelashes, you have to get it right. So many women apply it without really knowing what they’re doing. You can end up using too much, clumping your lashes together or even using dry mascara. First, you should curl your lashes before you apply mascara. You should always make sure you wipe off excess mascara to avoid using too much. Don’t pump the wand up and down in the bottle either, because this could dry it out. Start at the root of your lashes and gently move the brush upwards. Remember that you can always put on another thin coat.

Use a Serum
Instead of mascara, you might consider using a cosmetic serum instead. These products can help to make your lashes look full and healthy without using mascara. One example of them is Idol Lash. You might find Idol Lash reviews containing side effects online. However, the majority of reviews are positive. These types of serums are designed to give you thicker, darker and longer lashes in a healthy way. Many women find that they work for them.

Eyelash Tinting
If you want your lashes to be darker, you might consider having them tinted. It can be a lot healthier than applying mascara to them all the time. The effects last a few weeks until new eyelashes grow in. You can even do it at home with an eyelash tinting kit, although you might like to go to a salon. It’s an excellent idea if you want to avoid having to put on mascara.

If you want perfect eyelashes, you have to look after them. Take care of them naturally before you think about applying any makeup.

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