Minimal Coverage, Maximum Impact Makeup

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When I’m not looking for a full face of makeup but still want to look as flawless as possible, there’s a handful of products I love to reach for. I’m always on the look out for products that offer amazing results while looking as natural as possible. All of these products are sheer coverage but when combined leave you with a beautiful glowing complexion.arrowBefore anything, I like to start with a primer to help smooth out the face and disguise my giant pores. Recently, my go to for this is the No 7 Airbrush Away Primer. This No.7 primer is silicone based, specifically using Cyclopentasiloxane (a water-thin type of silicone which doesn’t leave any residue behind giving the skin a smoother, healthier feel.) When this is mixed with hyaluronic acid moisture locking sphere’s it smoothes and soften’s the skin by keeping moisture locked in and corrects dryness by preventing water loss throughout the day. All of these elements combined help give the appearance of reduced fine lines and smooth skin.

To help add a healthy glow to the skin, I’m loving the L’oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing Primer. If you want to achieve the healthy “lit from within” look that people constantly bang on about then this is going to be a great product for you. I love applying this all over the face focusing mainly on the high points and then sparingly on the areas that get the most greasy through the day. The Lumi Magique primer contains a liquid light technology helping your skin achieve a naturally healthy and luminous look while adding hydration to the skin that lasts for 8 hours.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that my major skin issues are redness and dark undereye circles. To counteract this, I love using the ELF Corrective Concealer Palette and the Benefit Erase Paste.  I love Benefit’s Erase Paste for under the eyes and I actually think this is the best concealer I’ve found for concealing my dark circles. It’s a cream product with melon undertones, so this not only counteracts my blue-purple circles but also brightens the under eye area making me look super awake. You should note, you only need the absolute smallest amount of this product and looks best when tapped in with you ring finger as the warmth of your hands helps melt the product into the skin. For the redness the ELF Green Corrective Concealer is honestly the best thing since sliced bread. It’s very similar to Erase Paste just with less coverage, which is exactly what I love about it. For the redness I experience around the centre of my face, I don’t want to add lots of coverage and take away from the ‘natural’ look I’m going for. I simply want to correct the redness and the Elf Corrective Concealer does exactly that.

Now, this next product has been the major game changer for me. Instead of foundation, I love using the Chanel Les Beiges All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid. This is an extremely lightweight, light coverage product that provides such a beautiful healthy glow. It’s practically undetectable on the skin and replicates a healthy sun-kissed glow, you know the kind of glow you’d get after running around outside all day as a kid. With two prominent ingredients being cotton flower and white rose plant cells, this Healthy Glow Fluid has a wealth of benefits aside from simply looking and smelling good! The cotton flower helps maintain elasticity in ageing skin and helps prevent wrinkles while the white rose plant cells help regenerate new skin cells, diminish the appearance of scars, acne or burns and rehydrates and locks in moisture to the skin.

To finish of this look and add even more glow (seriously how many times have I used the word glow in this post?!?), I love using this No.7 Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid. I like to use this only on the high points to highlight, as this offers a gorgeous glow due to the bronze tone, without adding a bright un-natural highlight. This is so lightweight and blends into the skin seamlessly. This product paired with the Chanel Les Beiges All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid is a match made in heaven. Definitely, two products I’d consider picking up for post-holiday makeup looks.arrow
What are your go-to products for a minimal coverage, maximum impact makeup look?

Lots of Love

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