Brand Focus: Luxemme

luxemme dress two.jpg

You may have seen me previously mention Luxemme in a collaboration I did with them around Christmas time. Luxemme is a brand based in Manchester that aims to deliver high-quality items at a realistic price tag. With their inspiration coming from the fashion forward people of Manchester and the French-Parisian fashion we all know and love, they create amazing clothing that would make the majority of women swoon.

When they reached out to work with me on another project around January time I jumped at the chance to try one of their little black dresses I’ve been eyeing up in their Limited Edition range. I decided to go with the Wyatt Crepe Plunge Luxe Cuff Detail Dress (£39) as I felt it would suit my shape the best!

The dress arrived super fast and I immediately fell in love with the cuffs around the shoulders. My main body hang up is my upper arms, so the cuffs are perfect for my personal taste.

luxemme dress one copy.jpg

The dress is mid-length reaching just above the knees and is fitted around the lower half. I love that this dress has a stretch to it, meaning even after a couple of drinks or a meal out you won’t feel like your suffocating as some fitted dresses do.

Overall, I think this is such a great dress and one I’ll definitely be wearing on a night out soon! Definitely head over to their website at and have a little nose and some of their stuff! You won’t regret it!

luxemme dress 2.jpg

Lots of Love

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