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I’m someone who gets very emotionally attached to my shoes. When I’ve found a good pair, I’ll proudly wear them until they’re scruffy, ripped and covered in holes. In fact, many times I’ve continued to hold on to said shoes for several months longer than  should have. Anyways, to get to my point, since I have an inability to think with reason when it comes to shoes (an inability I don’t think will be going away any time soon), the best thing I can do is take as much care as possible of the shoes I already have. So, I thought I’d share my favourite shoe hacks with you from purchase to the end of their lives.


Did you know your feet swell throughout the day?

  • The best time to look for shoes is either late afternoon or evening, as your feet swell throughout the day.
  • Always stand up and have a walk around when trying on shoes, as your feet expand under your body weight.
  • The majority of people don’t have the same size or shape feet. Always go for the size that fits the bigger foot and just use inserts to ensure the other shoe fits.


  • Rotate your shoes often. If you wear the same shoes two day running or more, you aren’t giving them adequate time to dry out, potentially affecting the health of your feet and the longevity of your shoes.
  • New shoes rub. We buy new shoes, get overly excited to wear them and end up with blisters and a foot covered in plasters. A great way to soften up the heel on leather shoes is to hang the heel over something solid, cover with cardboard for protection and use a hammer to soften the heel.
  • Smelly shoes are the worst and sometimes it’s the only thing actually wrong with the shoe. So, instead of chucking them away, place an orange peel inside the shoes overnight and you’ll have nice fresh shoes in the morning.


  • White trainers – Remove marks from white trainers with an old toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Brown shoes – Instead of splashing out on shoe polish, polish your shoes with a banana skin.
  • Suede – Suede can be brought back to life very easily by simply holding the suede over steam. A hot kettle will work fine.
  • White leather – For regular stains, an eraser will work to remove them or for black stains or even pen marks, try nail polish remover.

What are some of your favourite shoe hacks?

Lots of Love

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2 thoughts on “All Things Shoes

  1. I love these tips! My favorite shoe hack is to use a colored sharpie (color dependant upon shoe) to color in any scuffs you might get. I’ve done this for years and it always make my shoes look new! Loved this post! XO -Kim


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