A Full Face Kinda Palette

smashbox palette.jpg

It’s been a long time since I’ve reached for one single palette day in day out and the Smashbox #ShapeMatters Palette (£60) has become such a ride or die product for me that it’s going to break my heart when I eventually hit pan on this bad boy. Admittedly it doesn’t look too special in the pictures, nor does it in real life but then you swatch it and honestly your whole world will change. The idea behind this product was to be able to define and shape your entire face with one easy to use palette.

The #ShapeMatters palette comes with three sections; 9 eyeshadows (matte and shimmer), 4 face powders (one brightening setting powder, a highlighter, a bronzer and a contour shade) and 2 eyebrow powders with an accompanying eyebrow wax. Plus, this palette comes with a double sided brush, one end being an angled brow brush and the other an eyeshadow blending brush. Both are super soft and as with all the other Smashbox brushes I’ve used, they are super high quality.

The nine shadows come in a perfect mixture of shimmers and mattes. All of them blend out beautifully, are extremely pigmented and have virtually no fallout even with the three darkest shades.

The face powders, in my opinion, are the things that take this palette to the next level. The brightening setting powder is the perfect vanilla shade to brighten the undereye area while still being lightweight enough to avoid any creasing or cakiness. The highlighter is a beautiful subtle golden shade, ideal for day to day wear to give a healthy glow. The contour shade blends out beautifully and is the perfect cool toned shade that is going to replicate real shadow even on the palest skin. The bronzer is going to work really well as either an all over bronzer on pale skin or even to contour on someone with a warmer complexion.

When it comes to your brows this kit has everything you need. It has both a light and dark shade to cover a variety of complexions or can even be used to create the popular ombre brow. The wax is clear and a little honestly goes a long way. This holds your brows in place all day and is going to work amazingly well if you’re into the feathered brow look.

Overall this palette gets a huge two thumbs up from me. It’s an incredible palette with almost everything you need to create a full face every single day. It’s pretty lightweight and has a giant mirror inside, making this an ideal travel companion.

Have any of you tried this palette? What do you think of it?

Lots of Love

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