Editorial Calendars!


With my first blog birthday soon approaching, I’m shocked it’s taken me so many months to actually put an editorial calendar into place. Around Decemeber I began planning posts around themes and brainstorming ideas. Since then I’ve has such a clear idea of where my posts are going, what I need to do and how I can pre plan and prepare.

Why you need an editorial calendar

Consistency – By creating an editorial calendar, you can ensure you post regularly, space out the different types of content you produce and just generally allows you to become much more consistent in your posting schedule.

Your readers will thank you – If there’s a certain type of content your readers really respond well to, you’ll be able to actually schedule regular content into your calendar to keep all you readers happy. Not only this but you’ll actually be able to create a post series on the topics they love, gaining you re-occuring traffic and giving them information they want but in easy to read, digestible pieces.

Brainstorm – Using an editorial calendar is actually a great way to brainstorm. I’m always putting a post in my calendar and from that one post have another 3-5 stemming off from it. Plus, if you’re using a digital calendar moving posts around to accomodate a new one is super easy!

Efficiency – Before I had an editorial calendar, I would just write whatever came to my head, but then I had to go throught the whole write, edit, pictures, edit, proof read and schedule every single time I wanted to write a post. Which is fine if you’re posting maybe once a week of so. But when I’ve planned out my whole month, it allows my to batch write my post, batch take my pictures and then edit them all at the same time. This saves me SOOO much time and allows me to post more content while having more time off!

Types of Editorial Calendars

Honestly, anything can be used as an editorial calendar; anything that allows you to plan out your posting schedule in advance is essentially an editorial calendar. It’s just important to find something that works for you and is something you’ll actually refer to every single day. For me, paper calendars work significantly better than digital because I’m much more likely to actually look at it.

Paper Calenders

  • Whiteboard – This is a pretty popular one. I have a whiteboard above my desk where I work on my blog. So every time I look up I can see exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.
  • Monthly view calendar – I love the idea of monthly view calendar and being able to see everything clearly for the whole month. However, if you’re writing on the paper, it can make it difficult to move posts around when needed. So I like to use sticky notes to help make it easy to shift the posts around.
  • Diary – You could even just keep a regularly diary/planner to help you create your posting schedule. Although I don’t personal use mine as an editorial calendar, I always write my posts in my planner, so even on the go, I know what’s coming up.

Digital  Calendars

  • Google Calendar – This is a pretty popular one for editorial calendars, as it’s so simple to use and sincs up with your phone easily! I tried this one and for me it just didn’t work out but I know loads of people who swear by their Google calendar.
  • Trello – This is my favourite of all digital methods. Trello is a free site to use to create lists, content and so much more in an easy, drag and drop format. Seriously, if you’re looking for a digital content calendar, you need to try this. A whole indepth post will soon be dedicated to Trello because it’s just that gosh darn good!
  • A good ol’ Excel Spreadsheet – You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Excel spreadsheet. It’s so simple to use, you can move things around with ease and there’s no limit to the amount of columns or rows you can use. This is going to be great if you want to plan out your social media content too!

Do any of you have editorial calendars for your blogs? What do you use to plan out your posts?

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