My Favourite Weekly Workout


This year, one of my huge goals is to lose weight and get healthier. But with winter still being in full force and an endless stream of rain falling from the sky, actually leaving the house to workout just isn’t something I’m willing to do. Which is why I love living in a world where you have a wealth of knowledge, videos and helpful tips right at your fingertips via the internet! So today, I thought I’d share my favourite workout I’ve found this week that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

This weekly workout comes from Tone it up! Tone it up was started by two beauty ladies called Karena and Katrina. Both started as personal trainers and decided to start posting helpful workouts and tips online to help get people fit! Since then they’ve grown huge with their own merchandise, protein powder and even their own show on Bravo! They offer free weekly workout plans, recipes and videos on both their website and YouTube channel and you can help getting sucked into their amazing bubbly personalities.

This week they released their new Kettle Booty Workout; a workout routine aimed at toning your body all over, burning calories like crazy and sculpting yourself a booty even Kim K would envy.

This is such a great workout and you’ll well and truly feel the burn! Head over to the Tone It Up! website to get your hands on a printable version of this workout!

What’s your favourite workout this week?

Lots of Love

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