Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Review

After seeing countless beauty bloggers and vloggers rave about the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and then again about the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette, I was super excited when I finally managed to get my hands on the semi-sweet palette and naturally had to review it. So here’s what I think.

too faced semi sweet.jpg

This palette comes in a large brown embossed tin, made to mimic the appearance of a chocolate bar. While my initial thoughts were that the tin may cause the product to look cheap, it’s actually a really sturdy thick tin which makes the palette super solid while remaining light weight.
Inside you have a decent sized mirror, which is always a winner. However, I’d personally prefer there not be the frame with ‘chocolate bar’ written on it as I do think it’s quite distracting and I’d rather have the extra mirror space. But then, that’s just me being fussy.

The Shadows
This palette contains 14 different shades; 7 mattes, 6 shimmers and 3 glitters.

too face semi sweet top row.jpg

too faced semi sweet middle row.jpg

too raced semi sweet bottom row

The Matte shades in this palette really steal the shoe. They’re super pigmented, are really creamy and blend out a dream. The shimmers are close in second as again they’re all really creamy and while slightly less pigmented than the matte shades (but still pigmented!) they blend out a dream. For me, the one big let down in this palette are the glitter shades. While ‘Cocoa Chili’ is quite nice, ‘Pink Sugar’ and ‘Blueberry Swirl’ lack having any color pay off. With these shades being the only colour in the palette and I know for many it being the major selling point, I’m extremely disappointed in these shades, particularly ‘Pink Sugar’. It contains no pigmentation, is pure glitter and even that doesn’t adhere to the eye properly.

Overall, I do feel this is a great palette is your someone looking to build up their warm eyeshadow collection. The scent of chocolate as soon as you open the palette is incredible, they’re amazing quality (aside from ‘Pink Sugar’ and ‘Blueberry Swirl’) and for only £39 I think it’s definitely worth the money!

Have any of you ever tried this palette? What were your opinions on it?

Lots of Love

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