How To Spot A Fake Online

Spot aWe’ve all been there. Drawn in by an amazing offer on a designer item we’ve been lusting after for months, only to realise it’s fake. Buying second hand has become a common habit for some now that sites like eBay and Depop are so easily accessible. But how do you know what you’re buying is real?

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is
I’ve mentioned this tip here before on my blog but I can’t stress this point enough. It’s easy to get caught up in the belief you’re getting a designer item for less that a cinema ticket but be realistic about it. If it’s real, the seller probably paid a lot of money for it and they’re not going to let it go for nothing.

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions
Designer items, even second-hand ones can be a bit of an investment. So, don’t be afraid to send the seller a message. Ask them if it’s real. If they reply, it’s probably real. But if they don’t, it’s pretty safe to assume it’s fake.

Go to the authentic site and compare
It’s always worth going to the authentic site of the item and comparing how the item should look with the item that is being sold. Fakes can be extremely convincing and it may be down to the little things that tell you it’s not real. Look at the logo, the packaging or even the shades.

Look at other things the seller has listed
If the seller has sold 5 of the same designer item it’s most likely they are fake. In fact, I’d put a bet on the fact it’s fake. Sure, they may have bought multiples to sell on, but seriously? How would that benefit them?

Pay attention to the logo
Pay attention to the logo and have an image up of the real logo and compare how it should look. Look at spacing, fonts or shades. No picture of the logo? It’s probably a fake. Most sellers selling a real item will always put a picture of the logo. If there isn’t one, consider something fishy is going on.

Sites like eBay allow buyers to give feedback on the seller. Take your time and read through them before spending big money on a potential fake item. It goes without saying if there’s lots of bad reviews it’s probably best to avoid purchasing from that particular buyer.

Want some extra help with staying safe online? Head over to my post Staying Safe Online.

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