Happy New Year!

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Well, I’m still in complete and utter shock over the fact it’s 2016! 2015 flew by and was filled with some amazing things! I started my blog and youtube channel, I became a qualified Makeup Artist, I attended events all around the country, worked with some amazing companies and made some incredible friends and memories along the way.

2016 is going to be even bigger and better!

I already have so much planned for 2016 and there are so many things I want to achieve this year. Normally at this time of year, I begin making my New Years resolutions. You know, those improvements you swear to make at the start of the year and give up on mid-February. The difference this year is I’m not making resolutions; I’m making goals and with goals you have to plan and work on them every single day.

So, I decided to talk through some of my own 2016 goals and will explain how you can identify and work on your own.

First things first!

You’re going to want to get your thinking cap on. Find a quiet spot for 10-20 minutes, grab a cup of tea, a pen and some paper. Then we can begin.

Brain Dump

Take your paper and dump anything and everything you want to achieve on this piece of paper. You don’t have to think about how silly it is or maybe how unattainable it may be to you right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s something you want to achieve this year or something you want to do over a lifetime. Just dump everything on paper. Need some inspiration? I like to split my life into sections and concentrate on individual goals for each of them. My sections are:-

  • Health – Exercise daily, Have a better sleep routine, Drink more water, Meditate daily, No screens in bed, Start running, 
  • Home  – Learn to cook well, Create cleaning routine, Be more minimalistic, 
  • Money – Set up budget, Put money into savings every month, Buy less, 
  • Career – Connect with other makeup artists and photographers, Get 2 days off a week, Collaborate, 
  • Blog & Youtube – Blog post daily, Youtube weekly, Grow my blog & YouTube channel, Solidify my editiorial calender, Collaborate, Make a short film, 
  • Social – Volunteer, Connect with other bloggers, Reconnect with old friends, Say ‘yes’ more often, 
  • Education – Read daily, Improve photography, Visit museums, Learn a language, Learn guitar, Take singing lessons, 
  • Travel – Take more day trips, Plan a road trip, Travel at all opportunities, 

Once you have your goals down on paper, see if any of your goals fall under the same point. For example, going to the gym 3x a week and eat healthy both fall under lose 10 pounds.

Which leads onto the next point of, breaking down your goal into managable and realistic chunks. This is where the planning comes into play and in my opinion is one of the most important parts of setting your goals.

Take one of your goals (I’m going to use Improve photography as my example) and start thinking about little things you can do to achieve this. Mine are:-

  1. Take a photography class – research classes in area, compare prices.
  2. Keep a camera in my bag.
  3. Take at least one picture a day.
  4. Watch videos and tutorials on photography.
  5. Study a photographer I admire – Identify what makes them unique.
  6. Compare and review my progress regularly.
  7. Try different editing programmes and techniques.

Once you’ve broken it all down you’ll be able put all the steps into place. I know I need to try taking a picture every day so I make sure I write it in everyday on my to-do list. I know I need to attend a photography class, so I make a note in my planner to research classes in my area, contact them to ensure the class is right for me and then schedule in all my class times.

By planning and solidifying actions in my planner I’m able to ensure all goals are met by a certain date without allowing time to slip by because if 2016 is anything like 2015, it’s going to be gone in the blink of an eye. Make everyday count!

What are some of the goals you want to achieve this year?

Lots of Love

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