Christmas At University

xmas at uni

I always look back on my first Christmas at University. I very quickly developed a tight-knit group of friends and we considered ourselves a little family. I remember loving this time of year with friends, so I thought I’d share some tips on how to make sure your time at University this Winter will be a special one.

There’s nothing that gets me more into the Christmas spirit than decorating my home. And just because you’re away at University, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun! You can DIY decor to keep the costs down or head to 2nd hand stores or even 99p stores to pick up a cheap tree and some decorations.

Christmas Movie Marathon
Gather your friends together and binge watch some Christmas movies. Pick your favourites (mine are Elf and The Grinch) and turn them into a drinking game. Just search for movie drinking games on Pinterest and search for one you enjoy!

Mini Christmas Day
In my first year of Univerisity, my friends and I all lived in the same building, with flats really close to each other. So, we decided to hold a mini Christmas day. We all chipped in some money and bought a whole load of food and booze. We all got together in the morning and split into three teams. One in charge of the turkey and meat, one in charge of the veggies and one in charge of the extras, like stuffing and Yorkshire puddings. We then all got dressed up and had an amazing meal together.

Family Photo

Secret Santa
As are most students, we were pretty poor, so buying gifts for everyone just wasn’t an option. So instead we did Secret Santa. We planned a month in advance, set a budget and then exchanged gifts after our Christmas dinner.

To make our day even more special, we decided to play trivia games and charades; Boys Vs. Girls. It was something we’d never done before which made the day so much more memorable.

Lastly, you need a great playlist to help set the mood for the day. Check out Spotify for some great options. The classics are always crowd pleasers.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas with friends and family, whether you’re in Univeristy or not!

Lots of Love

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