Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Lift

women lifting

I recently wrote the post No Nonsense Techniques To Get The Figure You Want and it got me chatting with friends are working out. When I talk to other women about getting fit, I’m always shocked to hear how many of them stay far away from weight lifting because they don’t want to look ‘manly’ or ‘have bigger muscles than their boyfriend’. I really don’t understand why women are so scared to lift. It’s not only my favourite form of exercise but the most effective exercise for weight loss and improving your overall shape. So, here’s my favourite reasons why women shouldn’t be afraid to lift.

You’ll burn more fat.
Did you know weight training is scientifically proven to be more effective than cardio to blast your stomach fat? Fat around the stomach is a massive cause of heart disease, so you’re not only going to have a nice flat tummy, but you’re also drastically improving your health.

You’ll burn more calories, just by living.
When you’re relying on cardio to burn your calories, you’re only going to be losing calories during the time you’re actually exercising. However, when you’re building muscle, your body requires more energy to just live and thus, resulting in you burning more calories even when you just lying down watching tv.

You’ll strengthen your bones.
When you lift weights the muscles tug on your bones, which results in the bones creating more cells leaving you with denser and stronger bones. I broke my collar bone when I was younger and have since had chronic pain in my shoulder. Weight training has helped dramatically!

You won’t look like a body builder.
The women you see in these competitions work incredibly hard to achieve their figure and I can assure you, YOU WILL NOT STUMBLE UPON THIS PHYSIQUE BY ACCIDENT. These women train for hours every day and dedicate so much of their lives to achieve this. I promise you will not ‘bulk up’. Women produce 5-10% the amount of testosterone men do, so we’re physically limited to the amount of muscle we can build. Weightlifting is one of the best exercises to get that hugely desired hour glass figure.

You’ll see improvements in all other forms of exercise.
With your legs and arms stronger and more powerful, you’ll see vast improvements in other forms of exercise, such as running or swimming. You’ll have more strength in your core, making yoga and pilate moves way easier!

Do any of you do weight training? If not, what’s your favourite form of exercise?

Lots of Love

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2 thoughts on “Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Lift

  1. Thank you so much for posting. I was also worried about the same things, so I have been using the treadmill only. I’m now going to try out some of the machines when I go next 🙂


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