Introducing South Hill Designs

wear what you love

I’m very excited to say I’ve now begun my journey as an Artist for South Hill Designs. South Hill Designs is a home party company that offers beautiful personalised jewellery and accessories. When I discovered this amazing company, I just had to join. From the amazing community of women all over the world to the incredible rewards they offer their Artists. I mean, who can say no to a FREE holiday in Cancun, Mexico.


South Hill Designs sell lockets, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, rings and so much more. All of which you can customise with screens, charms, chains and droplets. You can see a finished version of your design by using the online Locker Builder. It’s so much fun trying out all the different combinations to create something unique and personal to you.


What I love about South Hill Designs is how much you can customise their products. You’re going to find something to suit the style of everyone. Trust me, it’s the first jewellery company both me and my mother agree on! Head over to their website to see what I mean! 

Want to be an Artist? 

South Hill Designs are always looking to expand their team of Artists! If you live in the UK, USA, Canada or Mexico, you could be earning and hosting socials too. Plus, by reaching targets you earn lots of rewards including free jewellery and a FREE holiday each year. This year, South Hill are jetting their Artists to Cancun, Mexico. Amazing, right?!

How to join?

It’s super simple to join. Just follow this link, order your starter kit and you’re away to go! There’s no minimum you have to sell each month so even if you want to just collect charms as a hobbie, that’s completely fine. To continue earning your Artist 20% discount all you have to do is pay £9.95 per month for your own personal South Hill Design website. But selling just one piece of jewellery each month easily covers that cost!

PLUS, if you join before Novemeber 30th you’ll recieve extra holiday charms and Coloured Gem’s pack all for free!


You don’t have to live in the UK to sign up with me. The power of the internet allows you to sign up no matter where in the world you are. As your upline, I’ll be just an email, skype call, or phone call away with an answer to any of your queries. There’s also a Private Facebook group for my lovely team members, where we can chat daily, share inspiration, pictures and lots of tips and tricks to make the most of your business.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss South Hill Designs or anything else for that matter! My contact information is all listed in the menu above!


Lots of Love

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