Does Your Bra Fit You Right?


Did you know that a whopping 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Breasts are held up by ligaments that are connected to muscles but don’t have any muscles actually in them, which means over time these ligaments are going to weaken and eventually gravity will take its toll. However, with the correct support you can prevent any sagging from happening earlier than necessary. To get the correct support, you need a well-fitted bra. So next time you go to buy a new bra, here’s some questions you should ask yourself.

The Band

  • Does the back band ride up your back?
    If the band is riding up your back, it’s probably too big. The band should be parallel to the floor just below the shoulder blades.
  • Is the band digging into your skin leaving you with red marks?
    If the band is digging into your skin, the band is probably too tight. You want it to be snug but not tight, as 90% of the bra’s support comes from the band.

The Underwire

  • Does the underwire rise away from your body as you move?
    The underwire should lay flat against the skin even when you move or raise your arms above your head. If it doesn’t you may need to try a different brand, style or size. The way the underwire raises differs depending on brand or style of bra, so it’s about finding one to suit your body shape.
  • Does the underwire poke your underarm?
    This is a common problem for petite women, as it means the underwire is too long for your body type. Try a smaller cup size or a different style of bra that has a smaller cup style.

The Straps

  • Are the straps leaving red marks or indentations?
    The straps should be secure but not tight. While the straps provide a little support and lift, this is primarily the job for the band and cups.
  • Are you straps slipping off your shoulders?
    Your bra may not be suited to your body type. Try and look for a bra with narrower strap band.

The Cups

  • Is your chest bulging around the edges?
    If you have any bulges around the top edge of your bra, then you need to go up a cup size. Your chest should be a smooth slope with no lumps or bumps. Make sure to look at different angles and lift your arms above your head to ensure your not spilling out the bottom of the cups either.
  •  Do you have gaps inside your bra?
    This is a pretty obvious one. If you have room to spare inside your bra, it’s too big. Another great way to tell if you need to go down a cup size is checking for wrinkles on the outside of the bra.

The last thing you need to ask yourself, is ‘does it look good on and is it comfortable?’ You being comfortable and confident are just as important factors as the rest! If your bra fits all of these points, then congratulations, you’ve found your perfect bra!

Lots of Love

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